Not usually one to stray from facts to emotions but stick with me...

This day last year I flew the first of 9 back to back duties to Beijing for PPE. Hailed as "heroes". An operation organised within days, a mammoth task. We didn't even disembark for fear of this virus.

(Pt 1)
We gladly played our part when "fear" was prominent, when we knew not what we were fighting. But now we do know; and yet our country is still ruled by "fear". Same lockdown strategy, same abundance of caution. 1 year later.
#holdfirm is as patronising as it gets; I can't hold firm while my career is at stake, my mental health has been crushed, my wages cut by over 50% since April last year, my whole family's livlihoods decimated. And I am one of the lucky ones.
All while #antigen testing is still not widely deployed, #DigitalGreenCertificate is bashed by our government, #MHQ is detaining vaccinated innocents, and #aviation is staring down the barrel of destruction.
No aid, no support, no coverage, no hope. This government has failed me, my family, & my colleagues. I am ashamed by what our govnmt stands for. Aviation as a whole demands, not dangerous or outrageous; support our industry, enact the recommendations of the #AviationRestartPlan
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