My final attempt to be heard:
@jjhorgan @adriandix @jinnysims @KatrinaCBurnaby I have been advocating for #covidzero since before the 2nd wave of #covid19bc. Having watched my son intubated and on ECMO In 2019 due to flu B, I knew how cruel viruses can be. I know how many Ecmo 1/
Machines BC has and what it takes to operate them. When I hear of ppl being placed on ventilators, I think of the nurse that told me to stare at the seconds hand of a clock when the waiting became hard and know that every second was one more my son was alive. Every ICU family 2/
Is going through this right now. Every person that learns today they they are positive #covid19bc are wondering if they too might end up in the hospital, or worse what if they inadvertently infected a loved one that winds up in the ICU? In the first wave, BCers had the choice 3/
To protect ourselves. We could asses our families risk and choose to send our kids to school, choose to work from home instead of the office, We were all told to Stay at home to save as many lives as we can. The second @adriandix declared “we had to learn to live w/ covid19” 4/
They also took away that choice. I think of the music teacher that knew she was a risk but was denied the right to work from home and wound up in ICU when she caught #covid19bc in school. I think of my own childcare being told I can not refuse care to a mask less child only 5/
To have a Mom with diabetes mistake her covid symptoms for her illness, drop off her covid positive Child to my Center, where my son attends. She cried to me she was too scared to call in sick knowing her boss wouldn’t let her work from home. Her covid got so bad she went to 6/
Emergency for covid pneumonia, and is still struggling. Thankfully her son barely had a sniffle. In January My neighbour, a triathlete caught covid from their School aged child and is still struggling with fatigue. When they asked Contact tracing who did their child get it 7/
From, they said “how can we contact trace kids?”. Living in Surrey I have so many more stories that tells the real cost of #covid19bc. This is what happens when you force people to live with a cruel virus before they can get fully vaccinated. I am sad for every icu family, for 8/
The 17 families that lost loved ones this weekend, and my heart aches for those babies that would still be here if not for #covid19bc. I wish the @bcndp would realize the real toll of this pandemic and change course as I don’t know how much more we can take #bcpoli #cdnpoli /end
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