Nina Turner is still claiming to have $15K - $50k of student loans in 2021, while pushing for student loan debt to be erased.

This is her Financial Disclosure Report as a 2022 Congressional Candidate.
Almost all of the Justice Dems still claim to have large amounts of student loans in 2021.

Ro Khanna: $15k - $50k
Rashida Tlaib: $50k - $100k
AOC: $15k - $50k
Ilhan Omar: $15k - $50k
Now for "friends of" the Justice Dems:

Mondaire Jones: $15k - $50k
Charles Booker: $100k - $200k
Even Cenk Uygur is claiming he still has $15k - $50k of student loans.

Despite pulling in >$300k/yr.
Ironically the only JusticeDem who claims to have paid off their student loans (on their disclosure) is Cori Bush.

The same Cori Bush who lost her nursing license because she didn't pay taxes.
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