Great article in @UA_magazine! "Indigenous-led courses and programs teaching both Indigenous and western science are launching at universities across the country... researchers are coming up with new models of collaborative and ethical research with Indigenous communities"..1/6
2/6 A few excerpts: "Welcoming cultural knowledge into the laboratories and universities will make scientific professions more hospitable for Indigenous people... which can also lead to more productive conversations in provincial and federal regulatory agencies."
3/6 “The universities are all going to have to do this because this strategy on Indigenous research that the Tri-councils just tabled will require universities to rethink how they do research with Indigenous communities or on their lands,”
4/6 "This extra burden that Indigenous faculty carry is part of Ms. Tremblay’s work at Concordia. She co-facilitated a series of Indigenous learning workshops... on how many hats Indigenous faculty have to wear, and the toll it takes on their health."
5/6 “As opposed to having a researcher or NGOs going into our communities in order to conduct research on our lands, with only their own personal interests motivating them, what we wanted to see was a situation where the Indigenous community decides what needs to be researched.."
6/6 @ambersandy says “If students can feel like the knowledge that they have, and the stories that they’re hearing from their aunties and grandparents are valuable and can be used in their future education, that is so important as well.”
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