I got this message from Vijay Advani, who attended today a Zoom call with US Secretary of State along with 139 US CEOs to discuss US - India Covid relationship:
US - India Covid situation
Some updates as of 12 noon California time : 1/10
I just got done with a zoom call with US Secretary of State - Blinken along with 135 US CEOs - Biden and Modi had a call this morning and the US army and the US state department are coordinating medication , aid and equipment - UPS and United / Delta 2/10
have already volunteered flights to take equipment to India Amazon is coordinating ventilators distribution . The US government is fully in support . Google , IBM , JP Morgan, FedEx Walmart , Coke , J&J , Pfizer are all aware that the impact in India will impact the world 3/10
- both on health and economic

Biggest concern - india wants everything coordinated through the PMO - US wants to work with various institutions in India as they believe lot of aid will be locked up in Delhi and not get to the states as speed is critical . 4/10
US is also sending several military mobile hospitals for ICUs .

The US bureaucracy took time to get mobilized but I can assure you that a massive massive massive effort and Dollars are being shipped today - as we speak !
US govt health stock of Astra Zeneca vaccines are being shipped along with all raw material to make vaccines in India .

Extra stock of Oxygen equipment are being diverted from war field hospitals to India.
Google is helping india with tracking Covid in India.

Lockheed Martin sending helicopters and cargo flights to move equipment to small towns in India.

Many firms have offered their empty offices in India to be used as vaccine centers.
America wants to show it has the money , equipment and most important the heart to come to to India’s help during this unbelievable crisis.

Bottom line I have never seen such a public private coordination before - the might , brain power and financial resources of the 8/10
US government is now fully in motion and unleashed on India.

It’s now all about coordination efficiency and speed of execution.

Covid has to be stopped in it’s tracks or the india variant will spread through the world by end May 9/10
Quick update from me - some of this may not get picked up in the press 10/10
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