PM Trudeau says that nobody in his office or the Defence Minister's office knew that the complaint against General Vance was "a Me Too" complaint. On Friday Elder Marques, formerly of PMO, testified he felt it was likely sexual and serious (but did not have solid knowledge).
PM Trudeau gives extensive answer, says the govt is deeply committed to change on this issue. Defends how his office and MND's office handled the issue. PM Trudeau does not answer the question from @mikelecouteur on whether his Chief of Staff, Katie Telford, should have told him.
Mike follows up asking how disappointed the PM is that he did not learn about this concern until this year. "Katie's leadership... is why we call ourselves a feminist govt" re: Katie Telford.
PM Trudeau has passionate tone talking about fighting sexual assault and sexual misconduct. Says there must be support and recourse if the "unthinkable" does happen.
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