Debunking the “MJ Paid Them Off” argument ‼️ [Short Thread] #MichaelJacksonWasFramed
- You can’t pay to stop a criminal investigation, that is witness tampering, and that is a felony.
- The Chandlers were wrongly allowed the criminal trial first.
- If Michael didn’t settle the civil trial they would have known his defence.
MJ insurance team settled the civil trial as he couldn’t be promised justice, this didn’t stop the family from testifying & taking to court. They didn’t need to as the 💰 was there. The Chandlers demanded a settlement from the beginning, they went public when Mj refused to pay
If Michael had anything to hide during the 1993 investigations, he would have settled BEFORE police did a strip search and photo shoot on his naked body. If the Chandlers had anything to prove, they would have testified when the settlement took place
Do your research and stop using this pathetic lie as an argument 🙄 #MJInnocent
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