In the U.S. corporate media, the surest way to advance is to loyally spread lies and deceit from the U.S. security state. Jeffrey Goldberg and Ken Dilanian are perfect mascots for this perverse reward and incentive system. CNN's newest hire is just the latest example.
These people are so fucking predictable. You don't get to demand to be treated as a serious national security reporter who can publish major stories in corporate outlets, then turn around and weaponize misogyny accusations against your critics, saying you're just a young lady.
What's beyond obvious is that @JuliaIoffe harbors intense contempt for gay men, endlessly using her platform to attack us by exploiting long-standing anti-gay tropes about how we hate women.

Unfortunately for us, Julia, we see you.
Since she mentioned it, here was @juliaioffe's deranged, bigoted and ignorant fantasy about what Edward Snowden's future would be. Read this demented paragraph to see what's going on in her head:
Here are the first two sections of what is now being cast by various corporate media figures as a vicious misogynistic attack on "young women" (by which they mean major national security reporters for the largest corporate outlets). Feel the misogyny:
Do you see what these powerful and influential elites are doing? They know most people can't withstand being branded as misogynists, racists, etc, so they cynically weaponize those words to shield themselves from critiques and render all critics illegitimate.

It deserves scorn.
It's bizarre watching liberal men like this -- as well as cynical journalists exploiting misogyny accusations to demand their journalism not be critiqued -- peddle a regressive and sexist view of professional woman from the 1950s as fragile dolls who will crumble if criticized.
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