This country will flourish only when we all collectively withdraw from the culture-war bloodsports.
It’s absurd listening to recordings of Jerry Falwell Sr from the 60s ranting and raving like a lunatic about pornography, drugs, leftists, Blacks, gays, feminists, intellectuals, communists, universities, secularists, Satan.

But he sounds like Bill Barr. Jordan Peterson. QAnon.
Sounds like Fox News every single minute since it launched 24 years ago.
This is the most nitwit of the forever wars.

Really, who cares how it started? It’s like the lawsuit in Bleak House or the whole of World War I.

Almost everyone alive now just has always lived with it.
What if it just ended? We all just recognized what a grinding rehash it always is and pulled out of this stupid quagmire?

A kind of...armistice day.
We’d inoculate ourselves against even the shiniest memes — the TV actress on Fox who hates Democrats, Kimye’s Trumpism, Dr Seuss.

We’d redirect our attention to service, books, nature, family, Animal Crossing—whatever.
It’s up to everyone to resist this stuff, and be conscientious objectors to the culture wars.

In short: We have to stop tearing each other up over this f-cking gibberish.
Hm. Some people see this as both-sidesism. No. The Falwell/Tucker “side” has ZERO to say except actual nonsense. There’s only one side with substance to it & that side must disengage. Ignore the bloodsport & help get kids out of poverty, raise minimum wage, get the vax to India.
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