I remember sitting with @sophielflynn and chatting about how I'd always assumed I would be published by the time I was 30. I'm super impatient and super naive in a lot of ways but I'm actually glad it's taking me longer to get published 1/4 #amwriting #WriterCommunity https://twitter.com/NJSimmondsbooks/status/1386915510428880898
Because I've really grown as a writer, even in this past year. I can hear it in my prose and I know it from my approach to writing nowadays. I'm more considered - I spend WAY longer writing a sentence than I used to. 2/4 #amwriting #WriterCommunity
I write slower now, but have the rare pleasure of reading some of the stuff I wrote and feeling it hit me a lot harder. I'd never have been able to do that in my 20's. Everything was too close and chaotic, and I had some fantastic opportunities 3/4 #amwriting #WriterCommunity
But I needed the maturity and space to grow and really understand myself and my ideas so that I can put them on the page. My age won't stop me achieving my dream of being published; it's just helping me understand what I want to say. 4/4 #amwriting #WriterCommunity
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