🧵I don't even recognize Australia anymore. The only country with caps on citizens, rogue premiers with unchecked power, on-shore 🇦🇺happy to leave their fellow citizens stranded in covid ridden countries, but are more than happy to welcome celebrities from those same countries..
... a government that couldn't give a shit about Australians overseas as long as Australia has "donut days". There's no compassion, empathy or "mateship" in that country anymore. A great "covid response" is being able to allow your citizens home & keep the virus under control.
Taiwan has been a great example, not Australia. Scott Morrison claims that "many countries wish they were in our position." I've not heard any news outlet say that about Australia.
However I have seen many stories from news outlets about how Australia is treating its citizens abroad.

Around 9,000 left in a country (India) with a collapsed hospital system, 1 man in hospital in Texas, plus around 5,000 others that have been classed as vulnerable.
Other countries such as UAE, U.K., Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Italy, and Indonesia have all stopped commercial flights from India but are still getting their citizens home. However, Scotty tries to make out leaving your citizens stranded is perfectly normal for other countries also.
Australia & NZ are the only countries doing this to their citizens.

The US definitely has its issues, but at least they don't restrict or stop citizens from returning home. In the US your passport actually means something.
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