Making a small thread about my recent #blender3D and #greasepencil experimentations! Starting first with my take with @dedouze_ 's amazing tutorial. Animation isn't properly looping but going through the lesson was perfect to get me started!
Now something absolutely different, I started by building my own (rudimentary) scene in Blender, converting 3D meshes to grease pencil objects and using array modifiers to create an endless road. (Post-processed in After Effects)
Aside, I played around with one of my traditional line drawing converted to vector paths via Illustrator, imported as SVG in Blender, and converting these lines to grease pencil to test animation features.
Back to roads, here's a quick edit of multiple versions I came up with, I also want to thank @sophiejantak once again for her amazing grease pencil breakdowns and brushesđŸ„°
Last but not least, I'm now experimenting with texture, the build modifier and camera movement! Made a quick animated scribble texture animation with GP, exported it as video and brought it back into Blender compositor node to overlay on top of my scene! To be continued!
Oh no Twitter video compression is ruining everything😭
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