Going to start a hashtag #LiveChennaiCovidUpdates and post the info which I personally called and verified.

This might be helpful for the needful people ✊🏼

First one : KarpagaVinayaga Hospital has normal covid beds , oxygen cylinders and ventilators not available.
Contact no: 044 7156 5100
Last update : 27Apr 19:00

@Supermachans @ChennaiyinFC @bstandblues
Hospitals with no beds right now , but can ask for a update tomorrow morning (checked @ Apr27, 19.10)
Lifemed hospital : 04449012295
Orthomed : 04442229222
Prasanth hospitals : 04446805544
Tagore : 04430101111
@ChennaiyinFC @bstandblues
Update at Apr 28, 02:00 AM
No Beds available at
Dr.Rela hospital : 04466667788
Gleneagles: 04444777000
Hycare hospital: 04423637700
Further updates can be given in morning.
@Supermachans @bstandblues @ChennaiyinFC #CovidSOS #CovidHelpline #ChennaiCovid
People following the thread #LiveChennaiCovidUpdates, please do add your findings (beds availability from the hospitals 'you' have contacted),and the time at which you got the info. Let's get this thread moving forward 💙✊🏼 #ChennaiCovid #CovidHelpline @Supermachans @bstandblues
#LiveChennaiCovidUpdates Let's not spam this thread with links or other resources which are not verified by us , let's make it simple Hospital name(we ourselves call the hosiptals), number , available resources, time , that's it , let's make it easy for the needy people👍🏼
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