The #LeadersClimateSummit and the targets announced promise a 12-15% cut in the global emissions gap. Some way towards the #ParisAgreement targets, but a massive increase in ambition is still needed, let’s be clear.
How can future climate summits – and keep them as virtual as possible! 👇– be designed so that climate results and accountability takes centre stage? How can the reward system be reprogrammed? From an Olympics in target-setting, to an Olympics in results.
For sure, we are heading in this direction, with the Global Stocktake in 2023 and the transparency framework being finalized. The demand for results reporting is only growing – in the regime and externally - civil society, investors, voters. 
But much can be done also on the supply side.

🔬Science can help advance metrics, methods, data and policy evaluation studies,
🎥Effective communication is needed to convert technical reporting to actionable knowledge.
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