Good morning to everyone from the brave and brilliant @RoseMcGowan, who liberals turned into a hero until they realized they couldn't control her, just like they do to anyone who doesn't fully submit to Party orthodoxies (read about Cindy Sheehan to see that playbook):
For those who don't recall, Cindy Sheehan became a liberal/media hero after her son, Casey, was killed in the Iraq War & she valiantly hounded George Bush & Dick Cheney. But then she did this and they declared her crazy & bad: don't hear from her anymore:
There's a reason this is the person who gave birth to the current form of MSNBC liberal politics, rhetoric, and mentality, including hand-picking @Maddow. @KeithOlbermann remains important solely as a museum to understand where and how it all started:
It's very hard to choose one's favorite Rose McGowan moment, but if you force me to, I would likely select this masterpiece where she speaks about @Alyssa_Milano and CAA. Nothing short of iconic:
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