Delhi High Court hearing its suo moto case regarding order passed for having 100 rooms of Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi for setting up of COVID Health facility for the use of Justices, other judicial officers of Delhi High Court, and their families.
#DelhiHighCourt #Covid19
Bench to Mehra: There have been news and reports regarding the order for having having COVID facility for Judges. The order states request was made by the HC #Covid19 #DelhiHighCourt
Bench to Mehra: No such request was made by us. The meeting was regarding judges of Subordinate juridiciary, who have to go to Court. Two Judicial Officers have already died. #Covid19 #DelhiHighCourt
Justice Sanghi: All that we wanted was, in case they need admission, it may be provided. And that has been converted to such an order. #DelhiHighCourt
Justice Palli: You don’t have oxygen, and you are talking about having 100 beds facility for us. Its unfortunate.

Bench: That’s the problem. You are passing orders left right and centre.
#Covid19 #DelhiHighCourt
Bench: Can we as an institution say that create a special facility for us? Will this not be blatantly discriminatory that people can’t get treatment and there is a facility in five star hotel for us?
#Covid19 #DelhiHighCourt
Mehra: Media projections are done God knows how.

Bench: Media is not wrong, cos the order is wrong. You cannot create an exclusive facility like this. #Covid19
Mehra: we will look into it and respond to it.

Bench: You cannot make an exclusive facility like this for a class. The order is wrong. #Covid19 #DelhiHighCourt
Mehra: I’m aware that a request has also been placed before CJI for having a facility for lawyers, etc. if that facility comes, it will be for class of lawyers, and media can say why only for lawyers? #DelhiHighCourt
Mehra: Things are done in one different context and are blown out of proportion. Its done with good intention and not mala fide intention. #DelhiHighCourt
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