CRACKDOWN—Chief minister Yogi Adityanath sent a harsh message to his UP🇮🇳 state hospitals: keep your mouth shut about oxygen #COVID19 crisis or face action—tells police heads to crack down on hospitals that cite any oxygen shortage or complains to media.🧵
2) For people who don’t know, “chief minister” is governor of an entire state in India. And how big is the Uttar Pradesh state that CM Yogi oversees? It’s the largest state with over 231 million people!!! Its population is ~size of Brazil🇧🇷! O2 crisis gag!
3) senior health department official said.
“The chief minister said that action must be initiated against hospitals that put up notices saying they had no oxygen. He said there should be a probe to establish whether they deliberately tried to create panic”
4) Many hospitals in Lucknow and other parts of the state had put up notices at their gates over the weekend declaring an oxygen shortage and advising families of Covid patients to shift them elsewhere.
5) An executive of a private hospital in Lucknow, who asked not to be named, said: “I invite him (Adityanath) to visit every hospital and audit the oxygen supply. If he does so honestly, he would find himself guilty of having left the hospitals and the people in the lurch.”
6) He added: “The chief minister has no problem that graveyards and cremation grounds are running out of space. All he wants is that the hospitals fulfil his agenda of hiding the truth.”
7) Several doctors from the Lakhimpur Kheri, Firozabad, Bareilly and Meerut districts on Monday told local reporters they continued to face an oxygen crisis.
Dr Sanjay Jain of Anand Hospital, Meerut, said: “We need 300 to 400 cylinders a day but are getting only 150.”
8) “A government doctor from the Firozabad district hospital, seeking anonymity, said: “We don’t have oxygen. When we demand 100 cylinders, officials give us 10. The patients’ relatives are restless and are taking them to other places.”
9) On Saturday, 10 hospitals in Agra were forced to discharge all their Covid patients —about 1,000 in all — because of a lack of oxygen, Dr O.P. Yadav, district president of the Indian Medical Association, had said.
10) Dr Surendra Singh of Yashwant Hospital, Agra, had told reporters on Saturday: “We were promised 50 oxygen cylinders a week but the government gave us only 5 cylinders over the last 10 days. We discharged our (Covid) patients when we had no option left.” ⚠️
11) The Covid epidemic is across India. Hard to deny that there is an O2 crisis whenever even the richest hospitals in India are suffering O2 shortages.
12) Meanwhile black market prices for O2 is skyrocketing.
13) the crackdown in India 🇮🇳 on those tweeting about need for oxygen continues.
14) Solid editorial cartoon on the India media crackdown.
15) Did India 🇮🇳 political leaders threaten to order the seizure of property of anyone who spoke out about oxygen shortage? Oh yes…

So the cartoon above is accurate.
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