It is mind-blowing how fucking awful autism “experts” are at understanding autistic people. They get very clear data that means exactly what it is - in this case, neurotypical parents value self control and autistic people value cooperation - and ruin it with flagrant projection
They literally found evidence of a key difference between neurotypical and autistic people - our VALUES that inform how we socialize - and invalidated it with a pathetic emotional interpretation based on their own weak sense of self-esteem. We don't lie to ourselves, you do!
Hmm, what could this data possibly mean? That autistic people value cooperation over self-control? No, they must be so deeply ashamed of their lack of self-control that they lie to themselves to avoid the pain. No evidence needed, that's what my feelings said so it must be true
Are autistic kids performing an elaborate self-delusion of not realizing when people are bullying them, or is it possible that they were telling the truth and did not realize it? Maybe because they value cooperation & don't assume people will try to bully them into self-control?
this fucking genius decided that autistic kids weren’t telling their parents all about what a fun day they had because they didn’t notice or internalize their fun experiences. He really thinks he’s researching sea slugs or inanimate objects. Definitely not people!
Is it possible that these kids do not have a great relationship with the parents who have markedly different values and believe that their children have much worse social skills than their children believe they do? Perhaps it is difficult to share openly with a judgmental parent?
The experts decided they couldn't believe that autistic people don't hate ourselves as much as everyone else hates us so they might have to switch to a less precise self-assessment tool like the one autistic people have reported as being completely meaningless to us, or ignore us
You never sat down and thought of how to develop the best self-report measure? You don't say.
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