thread in which I rate every national air force’s roundel for aesthetics
we’re doing this alphabetically and I’ll be here a long time. sorry
Afghanistan: pleasantly 3D but kind of cluttered. the whole point of a roundel is not needing to write on it
Albania: hi welcome to Goth Target
Algeria: that’s just your flag in a circle
Angola: hi welcome to Goth Korea
Argentina: yeah
Armenia: okay that is just a target guys
Australia: well it’s distinct
Austria: I really like this one for some reason. refusal to just do the usual stripes
Azerbaijan: flag in a circle
Bahamas: that’s a big eye
Bahrain: this is a tech company. But also, I like it because it doesn’t just look like your flag
Bangladesh: flag in a circle, but for naval aviation they put whitewalls on it, which is stylish
Belgium: the other genre of roundel is ‘British/French one but with our colours’ but I always like that
Benin: should suffer from Flag In A Circle but when I see it all I think is Funky Czechoslovakia
Bolivia: c’mon use a wiphala just to annoy people
Botswana: triangle! triangle! triangle! Yes!!!!
Brazil: howdy I’m the sheriff of blue orb
Brunei: you have not really grasped the assignment here
Bulgaria: my eyes
Burkina Faso: why star so small
Cambodia: I respect that you’ve taken and simplified a silhouette of Angkor Wat but also it looks like three penises or that one pokemon
Cameroon: welcome to the party Air Force
Canada: yeah. imperial heritage or whatever
Central African Republic: YO
Chad: ironically much less Chad than the CAR
Chile: howdy. I’m the other sheriff
China: I like this a lot actually. I have a soft spot for roundels with banners like this
China (Republic of): I mean, difficult to mess with a classic
Colombia: guy who has to design the roundel looking at plane cockpit totally out of ideas before looking at the artificial horizon
Congo: haven’t I seen you before
DR Congo: I take back the thing about the banners
Côte d’Ivoire: on the one hand this is a fried egg. on the other how mad are the Irish that you beat them to this one
Croatia: where the fuck did that blue come from? okay you couldn’t do a square because of Poland but like
Czechia: it looks like you’re making a pie chart. would you like help
Denmark: this is a lifesaver/cheerio/polo mint
Djibouti: this one fucks
Dominican Republic: speechless. I’ve included the low-vis tactical version too because how could I not
Ecuador, Egypt, Equitorial Guinea, El Salvador: yep. passing grade
Eritrea: it looks like you’ve fucked up making a pie chart. would you like h
Estonia: trashfuture logo. Botswana has a better Estonian roundel than you
Ethiopia: ???
Finland: nice try. I know the one you all still want to use
France: the classic. paint Republican cockade on your planes and then everyone else copies it in ways that make no fucking sense
Gabon: case in point
Georgia: pow! It’s uhhhh inventive?
Germany: hmmmmmmmm
Ghana, Greece, Guatemala: I’m going to stop doing the ones that are just this
Guatemala: howdy I’m the third sheriff of Air Force
Hungary: stretchy. I love it
Iceland: yeah fuck it just use a pennant, it’s based
Indonesia: oooooh shapes. the cooler Denmark
Iran: target syndrome
Iraq: I too forget how to draw the cool S
Ireland: lads be honest how mad are you at Côte d’Ivoire
Israel: haters/victims of war crimes can’t deny the distinct silhouette
Italy: apparently the ‘low visibility’ version is just it gets bigger
Jamaica: I think this actually called for the flag in a circle thing. put the saltire in
Japan: can’t go wrong with Orb. emperor macarthur might have taken the cool flag off you but you’ll always have Orb
Jordan: fucked up pie chart again
Kazakhstan: what the fuck it’s got an eagle this rules
Kenya: I like this one because the white stripes make it distinct
Korea (Best): very easy to stencil. not sure if there were other considerations
Korea (Other): nothing says ‘wholly owned US subsidiary’ like taking the USAF’s banners
Kyrgyzstan: oh fuck my Xbox is on fire
Lebanon: that’s right, the square hole,
Lithuania: oh no I feel uncomfortable
Luxembourg: guys c’mon
Malaysia: biff!
Malta: don’t put your George Cross on there nobody likes a braggart
Mexico: triangle!!!!
Moldova: zap!
Mongolia: incredibly powerful. please tell me you guys have Su-27s
Montenegro: Luftwaffe Burger Stand
Morocco: our ‘we will not bomb the royal palace in the next coup’ roundel is raising a lot of q
Mozambique: that’s right, the square hole,
Myanmar: triangle!!!!! !!
Nepal: confusing. letter in the post from the Israelis’ lawyers
Netherlands: I hate everything about this so much dude
New Zealand: yes good. only self-deprecating one so far
North Macedonia: this... rules?
Norway: this on the other hand is an airline
Pakistan: Denmark with worse depression
Panama: hmmm not sure what to feel about this
Papua New Guinea: hey a bird that can fly
Philippines: Latvian car badge
Poland: reason I did this thread. the best one. I love you unconditionally
Portugal: nngggn no don’t like that at all
Russia: as with everything else Vladimir I hate what you’ve done with the place
Saudi Arabia: they had to put something in the middle to not be Nigeria but honestly? it kind of goes
Serbia: more aggressively Christian than Portugal’s
Slovakia: cool shield shape
South Africa: ?
Spain: hold up. why’s your dot so small man
Sudan: flipped pac man
Suriname: Captain America
Sweden: I actually like this one
Switzerland: slap a couple of these on a Bf-109 and I don’t have to feel bad about liking the plane any more. and the flag is a big plus
Syria: I like the stars!
Tanzania: so my test for legibility is ‘can I draw it after seeing it once’
Tunisia: this is all I have ever wanted from every country with a crescent and star on their flag
Turkmenistan: not enough of these things tesselate
Uganda: is that a chicken
UAE: video game revive timer running way down
UK: classic
US: bring back the old USAAF one with the red dot in the middle of the star you cowards
Uruguay: uh you have accidentally submitted an annotated draft
Zambia: Bird Czechs
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