Each day, I understand "The Toothbrush Test" by Larry Page more and more. It is the simple benign things that people buy or use without thinking that create fortunes. People shouldn't think too much before they buy or use your product. It is either a need or a tool to get a need.
Eating is one thing most people on Earth do more than once a day. It is also another thing where they seek variety and will be bored if it is from one source. The key is to become the source of that variety and not the source of the food. That is why food commerce is HUGE!!!
On another level is paying for that food. It should be as simple and transparent as Uber made payments for rides. That is the part that food commerce companies have not sorted out yet together with the logistics. This is why an Uber Eats can still win. Uber nailed it with food!
Logistics is a MASSIVE, MASSIVE opportunity in Africa but it is still not being taken seriously. There should be schools to train people on logistics and why supply chains matter. Online courses are not enough, we need professionals. There are much more ad-hoc models than needed
Things are largely broken in African markets because there are too many half-baked models based on opportunism instead of true entrepreneurship. A true entrepreneur is a scientist that iterates for sustained fit. An opportunist just looks for the shortest path to quick profit.
This is why we are always shocked when better-prepared Asians come here to eat our lunch. They have seen that the market is full of opportunity but it is not for opportunists. The market belongs to the "prepared."

Food commerce wins will go to those who do more diligence.
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