We are very concerned that the National Marine Planning Framework is being pushed through this week without debate or Oireachtas oversight. This needs serious debate considering the scale of off-shore wind development that this will facilitate in the Irish & Celtic Seas.
Only 1 in 24 🇮🇪 breeding seabird species are green listed while Puffin, Razorbill & Kittiwake are now Red Listed birds of high conservation concern 🚨
Only 2.3% of Irelands marine territory are Marine Protected Areas & what is designated are "paper parks" with no real protection
Despite Ireland's coast supporting internationally important wildlife & fish nursery grounds we have poor data on what areas are important for conservation & fisheries management. Allowing off-shore development in this context is like letting a bull loose in a china shop 🔥🐃
The Oireachtas Committee @stevensgreen1 @fnduffy understand these issues & made recommendations to address the poor marine protection within the bill. These concerns have been ignored it seems with no reasons given to NGOs, Inshore fishers or the public @DarraghOBrienTD
The marine planning & development bill is not in line with EU Envi Law or the Maritime Spatial Planning Directive. Licences are at risk of legal action🧑‍⚖️
We have a #ClimateEmergency #BiodiversityEmergency we need the government to respond to both 🚨🌍
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