Have I missed something, or has there been near total silence from #mentalhealth professionals, regulatory bodies, providers & charities on HIN/SIM?

I've heard from various folks who feel constrained from speaking out - eg they are under the SIM "model of care"; or work in mental health or law enforcement so don't feel able to go public but are trying to make a difference behind the scenes.

But that doesn't explain it all.
Is the silence because, deep down, many (or even most) #mentalhealth professionals, regulatory bodies, providers & MH charities feel there is an intrinsic link between mental ill-health & crime?
Is the silence because, fundamentally, these professionals & organisations support the idea of bringing police in to work in #mentalhealth services?
Is it because they are up to their necks in it themselves?
Is it because there's such deep concern now this has all come to light that they are all scrambling around in the background to undo any associations with #HighIntensityNetwork & similar approaches & that it will just ... quiety fade away?

Is HIN/SIM finished?
If HIN/SIM is finished ...

... they can just all get on with dismantling the whole disgraceful system. The priority is the poorly, vulnerable & marginalised folks who are being subjected to this coercive system. They need it gone asap & for proper care to be put in place.
It's hard to believe the invasive, coercive & cruel treatment being meted out to some of the poorly, vulnerable & marginalised folks who've been placed under the HIN/SIM "model of care". It's heartbreaking.

I hope #HighIntensityNetwork really is finished.
#Mentalhealth care has been going in the wrong direction for too long.

From Community Treatment Orders to prosecuting people for trying to end their own lives to Community Protection Notices to systematizing police to work in MH teams, this has to stop.

It's health, not crime.
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