"Anybody attending a Pentecostal church with a Yoruba pastor is an idiot, a complete fool,an imbecile.They (Yorubas) are worse than Boko Haram"

BUT Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB aren't extremists,don't push a message of hate/bigotry.Continue deceiving yourselves
Stay on Twitter and keep deflecting, tell us that "Nnamdi Kanu and extremism in the same sentence is wrong."

Some of us are simply warning against what we've seen unfold before in the NE. When the madness explodes into full-blown violence, it'd engulf you all. Enough said
Because I don't know how this is different from comments made against Igbo people and Southerners by the Northerners you've labelled Extremists.

Go to Facebook, listen to Nnamdi Kanu's broadcasts and you'd see a mirror image of all your favourite Northern Jihadists.Same language
The agenda/goals might be different but the message of hatred, bigotry, extremism and Propaganda towards "perceived enemies" is all the same. Whether those enemies are Niger Delta folks who want no part in Biafra or Yorubas or FULANIS (the favourite culprits)
The earlier you start condemning these IPOB horde of illiterate, hate-filled, propagandeering bigots and start separating their madness from the agitations of the Igbo people, the better for you. All these excuses you make for them and their UGM will only backfire.
This is just how it started in the NE. Started with silent messages, demonstrations. Then it turned to constant propaganda and a campaign of hate, bigotry towards non-Muslims.

Amidst all that tension, some Northerners were defending them, making silly excuses, sympathizing.
When it finally spiralled into full-blown violence, guess who has suffered it the most? The NE is a wasteland. Churches and Mosques have been blown up, IDP camps scattered around, thousands killed, social structures destroyed. It starts with Mohammed Yusuf's regular "preachings."
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