Favorite pandemic memory:90 min webinar ending in an "AMA" interview w/ Sam Esmail @samesmail, the creator, writer, & executive producer "Mr. Robot" @whoismrrobot. We talked about hacking.

Maybe we could do it again for @DEFCON 29

"Please, tell me you are seeing this, too." https://twitter.com/Erinfosec/status/1386528558307155970
Very close second place: Hanging out with @wendynather @alexstamos @HackingDave and @MalwareJake on @DAkacki's amazing twitch stream to raise money for Belize.

It was an absolute blast and we raised nearly $50 grand for an extremely worthy cause.
March, 2020: Worrying that we might feel isolated & alone, @hacks4pancakes starts a virtual con where each speaker gave a 20 min talk introducing a cybersecurity topic and 20mins about something NOT IT-related. Awesome, amazing, just look @ the videos: http://pancakescon.org/videos 
2 weeks later, @AlyssaM_InfoSec decides that just because we can't leave our houses, doesn't mean we can't get all dressed up fancy on get on a zoom with alcohol, laughs, a CoC, and incredible new friendships.

The pandemic #FancyFriday is born. https://twitter.com/AlyssaM_InfoSec/status/1243637049942519813?s=20
Not to be outdone, @beerbikesbacon and @cillic decide to open @CocktailCon to tell behaved newbies, and suddenly every Tuesday is now awesome. Sometimes Wednesdays mornings are a bit rough, but its worth it.

Additionally, a group of hackers in the UK including @RMGirlUK @fs0c131y @BeeFaauBee09 @ScottMcGready @AppSecBloke @TheBeerFarmers launch InfoSecHappy hour every Friday, and people in California dial in at 11AM to hang with hackers all over the world. https://twitter.com/RayRedacted/status/1332048689251151877?s=20
Then, @marcusjcarey decides that if everyone is locked in their houses surfing the Internet, he is going to host and train people new to infosec about how to get security certifications. Several of the cert tests themselves were even paid for. https://twitter.com/marcusjcarey/status/1241180627933806593?s=20
I will continue posting tomorrow, I need to go to bed.

But can you add your favorite pandemic memories in the comments to the first tweet? There are so many other examples.

Try to include a selfie in there if you can. ;-)
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