The Delhi High Court will continue to hear today the plea concerning Covid 19 situation and supply of medical oxygen in the national capital.

Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice Rekha Palli to hear the matter.

#DelhiHighCourt #COVID19India #OxygenShortage #OxygenSupply
During the course of yesterday's hearing, the High Court had directed Chief Secretary of GNCTD to conduct a meeting with suppliers, hospitals and refillers to work out the modality and smoothen the entire process of distribution of medical Oxygen in the national capital.
Justice Sanghi: What is the position. The matter is before #SupremeCourt. Has any orders been passed?

ASG Chetan Sharma: Its listed before SC today. I’ve no instructions as to the orders.

#Covid19 #
Justice Sanghi: We will proceed. Was the meeting held?

Adv Satyakam: Yes it was. Mr Mehra is appearing in Item 302 before Supreme Court. If this matter could be taken a little later?

Court: We will assemble at around 12:15 then
Adv Alok Aggarwal for Maharaja Agrasen : There’s a small difficulty. On 25th april a notice was issue by GNCTD saying we have to attend every patient in 20 minutes and provide oxygen. Its very difficult for hospitals to follow such directions.
Aggarwal: Someone in GNCTD has to tell us, where are these people who we cannot admit cos of our own reasons, go? They cannot stay in emergency areas. I can’t kill a person who’s already on oxygen because of a govt order.

Justice Sanghi asks adv Satyakam to take instructions
Justice Sanghi: There seems to be some disconnect. It seems you are passing orders as if you are completely living in a different world, are out of sync and you don’t know the condition of tbe hospitals. Why do you pass these orders? We don’t understand.
Justice Sanghi: We can understand if you make inspection of a hospital where there is some inefficiency and you take action against that particular hospital.
Adv Satyakam: If we have sufficiency of oxygen all these issues of bed will be solved. This order is saying, if someone is coming to you and treat them for 10-15 minutes. Don’t leave them outside.
Court: But they are doing what they can. Let us tell you this is nothing less than a paper exercise.

Don’t be unreasonable. If you are unreasonable in these circumstances you will achieve nothing.
Adv Satyakam: We have lot of issues i agree. We will resolve them. We will need to look at it holistically.
Court agrees to take up the matter after #SupremeCourt finishes hearing the matter regarding availability of oxygen.
Sr Adv. Tushar Rao: Some cylinder vendors didn't attend the meeting. If cylinders are filled, smaller hospitals would be able cater to large number of people.
Rao suggests that a system could be found where continuity is given to small hospitals

Rao: Smaller hospitals are also lining up with individuals in cylinder filing places& they are crowding. If we can provide a continuity to these gas filing stations as the bigger hospitals.
SG Mehta requests his presence may be excused as he is appearing before #SupremeCourt.

Court: We wish to know what the Supreme Court is saying. The matter will be taken up today after SC hears the matter. The Court master may be informed.
ASG Chetan Sharma: There were some compliances on part of central govt. would like to address them.

Adv Rahul Mehra for Delhi Govt: We have also filed an affidavit. An issue was brought up regarding Delhi govt’s order. #Covid19 #DelhiHighCourt
Court: Let us address the issues one by one.

Sr Adv Maninder Singh for Shanti Mukund Hospital seeks to make submissions. He states that they attended the meeting, the allocation has been reduced. #Covid19 #DelhiHighCourt
Mehra: The Court may allow Chief Secretary to state facts ad to what happened in the meeting. Considering views and interests of all stakeholders, we have tried to accommodate everybody. #Covid19 #DelhiHighCourt
Court: Let us first deal with oxygen, as that seems to be most important aspect.

Maninder singh: the aspects asked to be considered were how much oxygen has to reach you and to whom. When we attended meeting, the sanction us reduced. #Covid19 #DelhiHighCourt
Singh: If a patient needs a certain amount of oxygen he needs it and should be arranged.

Justice Sanghi: The Central govt has issued an order regarding usage of oxygen, and have said this is the kind of usage for different kinds of patients #Covid19 #DelhiHighCourt
Court: The order issued yesterday, as to how allocation has been made and how suppliers have met, a meeting was directed.

Mehra: I agree with Mr Singh that unless there is certainty, we won’t be able to cater to people’s needs. We spect 2.5 hours in the meeting. #Covid19
Chief Secretary, Delhi: A marathon meeting was conducted and attended by stakeholders. A point taken was that we want to ensure that hospitals have certainly of oxygen so they focus on their medical duties. We have contacted the suppliers.
CS: We will allocate quote for these 3 days. Some data we sought from hospitals in terms of existing contracts, and their requirements, most data has been received. #Covid19
CS: By today evening we will issue order based on that. Quota hasn’t been issued as yet, order will come. It will be placed before this court. A provision will be kept if the hospitals have any grievance, there will be a dedicated number and we will be willing to make changes.
CS: It was said that it be ensured that existing contractual agreements should be honoured, and we will ensure those are taken care of. #Covid19
Mehra: While hearing is going on if Mr Singh’s counsel can send requirement, we will forward it to nodal officer. We cannot ensure that entire requirement would be met, cos no one’s entire requirement is being made.
Singh: 2.69 was sanctioned. We are constantly approaching Lindae, they have refused that they won’t go.

Court: Tell your nodal officer to send it right away. 2.69 was sanctioned to them.
Mehra: I apologise.

Singh: Apologising will not save lives. #Covid19 #DelhiHighCourt
Mehra: The intention was never to come here and seek court’s order. We wanted to pass this order last night, but due to lack of information we couldn’t.

Court: Yes pass that order as soon as possible
#covid19 #Oxygen
Mehra: We didn’t want to pass another paper order but an effective order.

Court: In meantime we hope supplies haven’t stopped.

Mehra: Supplies will continued till fresh order is passed. #DelhiHighCourt #Oxygen
Counsel for Inox responds to Adv Singh’s submission, supply of 1 ton is on the way. 1.4 ton was already sent yesterday

Singh: Certainty must be there. We don’t know what would have happened if this Court hadn’t interfered.

Mehra: We have crossed the 400 barrier. Yesterday’s figure was the highest ever. We got 3/4 tankers from Jindal which gave an impetus.
Mehra: 5 tankers have been allocated by central govt to Delhi. 3/4 tankers that Linde also arranged with collaboration with Data. Delhi govt has also generated some from its own sources. We have 13 additional tankers at our disposal.
Adv Sacchin Puri for Venkateshwara Hospital: There is an emergency, the hospital is about to run out of oxygen. The Nodal officers haven’t been responding since morning.

Court: This complaint is coming to everyone, then there must be some truth to it.
Court: There has been repeated complaints of calls and messages not being answered. #Covid19 #Oxygen
Court states that it has been informed that Cylinder vendors didn’t attend the meeting yesterday #Covid19

Bench: In case these people aren’t falling in line and not providing cylinders, you better take action.

Mehra: The problem is what do we do in such circumstances.

Justice Sanghi: You take over the plant. We have also been informed there has been black marketing.

Justice Rekha Palli: Its the biggest problem that individuals are facing.

Mehra: Court had asked them to be present today, we couldn’t have taken an action here.

Counsel: if Individual refillers are brought in line, even hospitals would be in line. Its one of the biggest issues, the black marketing of cylinders.
Court: This order you are talking about is for hospitals. What about individuals, who want to get their cylinders refilled at home?

Mehra: We will get instructions. There is shortage of cylinders.
Justice Palli: But these hospitals have been saying they are going with cylinders but can’t get it filled.

Mehra: That’s not correct. I can say because Adv Satyakam and I are personally handling SOS requests. There is shortage.
Court: That’s the point, you shouldn’t have to do this, its not your job!
Court: This has become a mess. You have to get your house in order. These cylinders are being sold for lakhs. #Covid19
Court to Chief Secretary: We will direct you then to take over their plants. Keep them in custody if they are playing with people’s lives like that. #Covid19 #Oxygen
Senior Adv Malvika Trivedi:
There needs to be a mechanism for individuals because the black market is causing this problem. Police can also be impleaded.
Court: How do we direct someone in Punjab or Rajasthan that release the cylinders from there. #Covid19
Mehra: At times in need we all need to be together, and pool our resources together. #Covid19 #Oxygen
Adv Aggarwal: One issue raised was regarding emergency patients. We are hospital where we already have 29 patients in emergency area. We cannot take more patients, we don’t have medicines or oxygen How can we follow this order. These notices can’t be issued in general manner.
Aggarwal: It will lead to more medical legal issues later.

Mehra: Id like to read thr entire order #Covid19
Bench goes through the Delhi government’s April 25th order.

Adv Mehra seeks to explain the intent behind the circular issued. #Covid19 #Oxygen
Adv Aggarwal reads out the order: It states that patient Should be attended to immediately and taken to Triage area, and this process should not take more than 10 minutes. In triage area there should be oxygen and medicines.
Aggarwal: I already have more emergency patients than the capacity. We cannot have more.

Court: Are your own hospitals in position to do this? You are asking other hospitals to do this.
Mehra: Will take instructions. Please see the intent. Its an advisory. If someone critical is coming to your hospital, is this not advisable.

Court: Is the objective just to do paperwork. Then don’t do this.
Mehra: Let me give right perspective to this order. If patient comes, he should be attended immediately?
Bench: That’s what we have been saying. If there is negligent behaviour by any hospitals you pass orders. But passing these orders generally? This proceeds on assumption that without this order hospitals are not doing their job.
#Covid19 #Oxygen
Mehra: Today there’s 3-4 things happening. There’s lack of oxygen, and due to that hospitals aren’t taking patients. Intent of order is not to take action!

Mehra: Patients have been denied treatment. Is it wrong for a government to advise them?
Court: This is not serving any useful purpose. You are unnecessarily putting pressure on hospitals who are already under pressure. There has to be some background to whenever an issue is passed. What was the issue?
#Covid19 #DelhiHighCourt
Mehra: Patients were coming and complaints were received. Its a mere advisory #Covid19
Aggarwal takes Court through pictures of the hospitals, and states that Hospital already has patients more than its capacity in the Emergency. #Covid19
Mr Dutt, the Secretary Health makes submissions: This is in continuance of orders for hospitals with idea that mortality at hospital ends is reduced. The scale of virus has overwhelmed health system. #Covid19
Bench: It seems like this paper work, just window dress, which has been done to satisfy patients and attendants that look we’ve issued the order. #Covid19 #Oxygen
Bench: You are not looking at the other side, the hospitals and workers. And have your own delhi govt hospitals been able to achieve this? #Covid19 #Oxygen
Court is informed that the cylinder vendors, who the court directed be asked to join the proceeding, are unable to join the hearing.

Bench request people who are not necessary to the hearing to leave so they can join: You can always get to know what has happened here #Covid19
Petitioner Rakesh Malhotra makes submissions: The 30 vendor listed constituted by Delhi government. The Remdesivir injection is also being given to attendants, with hospital prescriptions. This is also leading to black marketing.

#Covid19 #Oxygen
Maninder Singh: Patients are also being treated at home!

Remdesivir is to be given to patients admitted in hospitals only.

Singh: That’s irrational. If Remdesivir is only given to those admitted, how will patients at home be treated? Patients who can’t be admitted. #Covid19
Malvika Trivedi: There can be a centralised portal, with details of availability of critical drugs and where is it available etc. Each one of us is dealing with 100s of calls daily to help people. All this should be dealt with by govt through a portal.
#Covid19 #DelhiHighCourt
Trivedi: The biggest problem in treatment of patients is black marketing. #Covid19 #Remdesivir
Adv Amit Sharma makes submissions whose brother in law is in hospital in Maharaja Agrasen, and there is paucity of oxygen. #Oxygen #Covid19
Aggarwal: Hospitals are running out of oxygen. If they run out of medicines, they will be in real trouble.

#Covid19 #Oxygen
Justice Sanghi asks Mehra regarding a centralised portal, that has been suggested.

Mehra: The problem is If there is supply line to that also. Even Remdesivir is not available. There are only limited vials with us.

#Covid19 #Oxygen
Bench: You should know who are producers and who are the suppliers and what’s the per day supply being made to them. Complete transparency should be maintained. #Covid19 #Oxygen
Court: Your order saying Remdesivir should be given only to those admitted is completely unreasonable.

If you have availability in hospitals that would be one thing. But you don’t. Then how can you say if you don’t have a hospital bed, you can’t get Remdesivir.

Mehra: The vial itself stated its not to be taken without supervision

Justice Palli: These are extra ordinary situation. A plot of people are being cured.
#Covid19 #Oxygen #Remdesivir
Justice Sanghi: No one is saying they will take it without supervision.

Court: There is hoarding going on of both medicines and oxygen. You are not doing anything. #Covid19 #Oxygen
Justice Sanghi: No one is saying they will take it without supervision.

Court: There is hoarding going on of both medicines and oxygen. You are not doing anything.

Mehra: We will give you details of what’s been done and raids been conducted #Covid19
Malvika Trivedi: Patients have told us that hospital pharmacies have Remdesivir but aren’t being given. They may be asked to give an account for available medicines to solve the problem of black marketing

#Covid19 #Oxygen
Bench: We will direct you to Direct all pharmacies to give account regarding stock of Remdesivir and other drugs. Day to day account be given by these
#Covid19 #Remdesivir
Adv Sachchin Puri for Venkateshwara Hospital: They have 4 hours oxygen available. Nothing has been done till now.

Adv Mehra assured supply would reach in course of the hearing. #Covid19 #Oxygen #DelhiHighCourt
Adv Mehra taking Court through status report by Delhi govt. Control rooms were set up to make available the drugs to people. On 19th april order was issued to Drug inspectors to manage sale and stock positions of these drugs. #Covid19 #Oxygen
Mehra shared a personal account, where someone online requested Remdesivir for his wife. The details were required to be given in a particular format. #Covid19
Justice Sanghi to Adv Mehra: See your system has not helped. That’s clear to us. This system has failed.

#Covid19 #DelhiHighCourt #Oxygen #Remdesivir
Mehra further submits that he can ask the Drug Controller to appear before the Court and can put before the court reasons as to why these drugs are to be given to those admitted. #Covid19 #Remdesivir #Oxygen
Adv Ajay Kohli for Delhi Heart and Lungs Institute: We have oxygen left only for two hours. We have 100 patients on oxygen.

Court: have you contacted nodal officer.
Kohli: Yes he was appointed in morning only. He is also helpless. Since its matter of 2-3 hours please note down.

Court: Mr Satyakam please note down.
Court inquires if cylinder deaers have been joined.

Court is informed only one company Multan has joined.

Bench: okay then we are issuing contempt notices. Mr Mehra please take action. #Covid19
Mr Arora, Director of Multan appears before court.

Court asks Mr Arora: Black-marketing is going on. Do you thing it’s correct ?

Arora: No, action must be taken.

Court: We are doing that. At This time we expect people to show their best quality and not their worst.
Justice Palli: Are you providing?

Arora; We are but there is always a queue of 300-400 people so it makes it difficult to supply. That’s one thing we want you to take care of, the protection. #Covid19 #Oxygen
Arora: We only want you to channelise a way for me to know what hospitals i have to supply to, as there always are SOS calls. #oxygen #covid19
Court inquires if there are only 6 cylinder suppliers in Delhi as enlisted by the government #Covid19
Mehra submits that a system is being set up so a plan could be given to the hospitals in advance regarding supply #Covid19 #Oxygen
Aggarwal: There is something which is a problem. 7 years I’ve been getting cylinders, and suddenly not a single one. Something should be done about this individual, he can’t go about distributing in entire city #Covid19 #Oxygen #DelhiHighCourt
Adv Maninder Singh points out that his allocation of oxygen has still not been done. #Covid19 #Oxygen
Aggarwal for Agrasen: This individual hasn’t supplied even single cylinder.

Court to Mehra: Why is he not included?

Counsel clarifies that He supplies both LMO and cylinder. He is not a regular supplier, hence he wasn’t mentioned in this. #Covid19 #Oxygen
Arora, Multan’s director questions if they should make regular supplies or attend to SOS Calls.

Courts says the authorities should be contacted. #Covid19
Mr Sharma for Mahadurga Charitable Trust. 140 patients are in cery critical condition. We are in great trouble. There’s shortage of oxygen and remedesivir. We have contacted authorities, no one has done anything. #Covid19 #Oxygen
Mehra: We are going to come up with a workable order today. We need to understand the issue. Right now we are unable to understand who’s giving what. We can only in a cooperative spirit.
Justice Palli: Hospitals don’t have cylinders. Why should we have to tell you. You should have people there. Its not like delhi govt is under staffed. You need to delegate and have people everywhere #Covid19 #DelhiHighCourt
Maninder singh: Black marketing places are all over Social media. If you wanted to deal with it it can be done in a day! #Covid19 #Oxygen
Court: It was informed that 1.4 was delivered and 1 has been delivered during hearing. It will be delivered to you. They have noted it.

Singh: It will end till 6!

Court: Okay your concern has been made a note of #Covid19 #Oxygen
Tarun Seth for Seth Air appears: i have given order for 4 hospitals, i am supplying to 80 hospitals.

Court: Why aren’t you delivering it these hospitals which are here. What did you give to Shanti Mukund.

Seth: That’s not allotted to us.

Court: And Maharaja Agrasen?
Seth: Letter for Agrasen hasn’t been given. I have 20 tonne liquid oxygen. I’ve been asking who do i send it to, or do i distribute in 80 hospitals slowly. #Covid19 #Oxygen
Seth: You can ask these hospitals in delhi, I’ve been supplying to them. When they have SOS calls, they have no Answers. When i ask if i am only supposed to give all of it to these 4 allotted hospitals, they say no you have to manage others also.
Court to Mehra: Again we are seeing you are only doing distribution of lollipops. This man is saying he has 20 tonnes but doesn’t know who to distribute to! And you say you don’t have oxygen. #Oxygen #Covid19
Udit Rai for Delhi govt : He is saying that he has been asking us who to supply, it’s completely false. Everytime we have told him, all commitments he has with hospitals are to be honoured. He has already received 20 tonnes and will get 16 more today. #Covid19 #Oxygen
Court: So You have left itto them to have a free run, whosoever they want to supply at whatever rates? #Covid19
Court to Cylinder supplier Mr Seth: You said you have been allotted Venkateshwara. Why haven’t you supplied it to them? #Covid19 #Oxygen
Court : Let us pass orders now.
SG Mehta: Delhi govt has tried to procure tankers from Bangkok. They made request to Central govt if assistance with aircrafts can be provided. #Covid19 #Oxygen
Mehta: I’ve talked to Home Minister and they have agreed. These aircrafts are being used in the current situation, so it’s subject to that priority. #Covid19 #Oxygen
Bench: This short order is being passed in situation of grave urgency, for supply of oxygen in gaseous form in cylinder. In our 23rd april’s order we took note of GNCTD order, regarding those who could be contacted for refilling of cylinders.
Bench: 6 such refillers were enlisted in officer order. 4 of them were enlisted as supplier to any hospital, and 2 were enlisted as suppliers to govt hospitals of GNCTD.
Bench: Weve taken note of fact that supply of oxygen in fas cylinders wasn’t taking place to hospitals/ nursing homes/ persons. We’d by order passed yesterday directed 6 oxygen refillers to remain in court today and in meeting chaired by Chief Secretary yesterday. #Covid19
Bench: We’ve been informed only one of 6 refillers namely Multan Air Bhavana representated by Archit Arora has appeared before us. Though other 5 have been called, they haven’t cared to joined. We issue notice of contempt. #Covid19
Bench: During hearing, its been brought to notice there is one major supplier in Delhi, Seth Air, and another supplier named Vinayak. We are surprised that GNCTD order dated 22 doesn’t take into consideration al gas refillers in Delhi.

#Covid19 #Oxygen
Bench: It transpired that substantial quantity is supplied tp gas refillers but no mechanism evolved as of now to see further supply made by them to hospitals. Mr Seth stated that he’s holding 20 tonne of liquid medical oxygen. #Covid19
Bench: Mr Aggarwal has submitted that Seth has been providing Maharaja Agrasen for last 7 years. According to allocation order, it had to be given by Seth Air.

Court Questions Mr Seth why they haven’t supplied oxygen:
Seth: I contacted them, they said they didn’t need.

Justice Sanghi: I’ll take you in custody right now. You think we don’t understand what’s happening here. “Aap hame bevkoof samajhte hai”? Their patients are dying! #Oxygen #Covid19
Bench: Mr Seth has stated that he was told by Maharaja Agrasen that they are procuring oxygen from other sources. We find this stand completely false and unreasonable.
Bench: Its evident that Mr Seth has been diverting that oxygen and possibly selling cylinders in black market. We direct GNCTD to take note and take over their unit. We direct Mr Seth to not cause any obstruction in running of plant under management of officers of GNCTD. #Covid19
Bench: No oxygen has been supplied to Venkateshwara as well by Seth Air.
Claims made by Mr Seth during interaction have been denied by Mr Udit Rai.

Bench to Mehra: We want this unit to be taken over by tomorrow. Let this be an example for others #Covid19 #Oxygen
Mehra: They please be asked to fill data in the portal.

Court: There is no need to say please to them now. They will have directions. #Covid19 #Oxygen
Bench: Representative of MD Hospital also makes submissions regarding lack of supply by Mr Seth.

Court to Mehra: Seth appears to be a rather big supplier. He wasn’t part of your order?! There seems to be something fishy. This cannot be just overlook!
#Covid19 #Oxygen
Mehra: I will go through this and get back.

Court: There’s something definitely wrong.

Bench: Even though Seth appears a rather big supplier in Delhi, as to why Seth has not been enlisted in said order. Affidavit be filed by GNCTD by tomorrow.

#Covid19 #Oxygen
Bench to Mr Seth: Insure these hospitals are supplied oxygen right now, or we will put you in custody!

Seth: Ask them to send orders.

Bench: What orders? You have been giving them oxygen for 7 years! We are taking over your unit.
Bench to Seth: You are very irresponsible. People are dying cos of lack of oxygen and you are busy making your profit. Aap apna profit banane mei lage huye hai.

Seth: Please don’t say this. I haven’t charged anyone anything extra. I will do whatever you want me to.
Bench to Mr Mehra appearing for Delhi govt: Get your house in order. Enough is enough. If you can’t do it, tell us, we will ask Central govt to take over. People are dying!

#Covid19 #Oxygen #DelhiHighCourt
Bench: From hearing today its clear to us that GNCTD has to pull up its socks for aspect of distribution of liquid oxygen to larger hospitals but also cylinders used in smaller hospitals.
Bench: Oxygen refillers to provide data om the government’s portal. We make it clear that in case any of oxygen refillers don’t provide the data on the portal 
If data is not given strict action would be taken not just be delhi govt but also the court.
Bench: It’s been submitted by Chief Secretary, Delhi that by today evening, an order would be issued to honour existing contracts. Let the said order be passed at earliest and be circulated and implemented without any delay and be also placed before us. #Covid19
Bench: Attention has been drawn by Mr Aggarwal regarding GNCTD circular dated 24th april asking hospitals to take patients in emergency and provide oxygen and medicines.
#Covid19 #Oxygen
Bench: Mr Vikram Verma, Principle Sec, Health & Family Welfare has explained that it was issue with concern of covid patients who’ve not been treated is addressed. We have time and again communicated to Mr Mehta that issuance of such circulars is of no avail.
Bench; If there’s instance of any particular hospital not performing its duty, action may be taken. But issuance of such circular who’s compliance isn’t possible in current situation. #Covid19 #Oxygen
Bench: We asked if hospitals pf GNCTD themselves have adhered to this circular, we haven’t received a definite answer. Such circulars should not br issued which are meaningless, can’t be enforced and lead to other legal complications at later date. #Covid19 #Oxygen
Mehra requests to reconsider the phrase ‘Delhi govt needs to pull its socks’ and replace it with “needs to things more transparent.

Court denies: This one man had 20 tonnes of oxygen! And he isn’t even in your order?!
#Covid19 #Oxygen #DelhiHighCourt
Bench: We are really alarmed by situation that we have discovered today! If we look back, when SG Mehta said there is availability, We were not believing it then!

Mehra stated there isn’t availability.

Bench:A person who isn’t even in your order, has 20 tonnes #Oxygen #Covid19
Bench: You are an administrator and you should know how to administer.

Mehra: If we take action, they will run to your Lordships. How could we take action on something that the Court itself is considering.
Mehra: I hope everything will be resolved once the allocation order comes.

Justice Palli: I hope till then nothing happens.
Bench: GNCTD through affidavit will inform us of Status of stocks of liquid and gaseous oxygen with refillers by 10 am tomorrow. #DelhiHighCourt #Oxygen #Covid19
Bench: You sre supplying to these refillers without any accountability and they are having a field day. Meanwhile hospitals don’t have oxygen. That’s what its appearing to us.
#Covid19 #Oxygen #DelhiHighCourt
Bench: We Further direct GNCTD to file report after taking details with regards to deaths that have taken place at hospitals nursing homes due to shortage of oxygen. Affidavit be filed in 4 days.
#Covid19 #Oxygen #DelhiHighCourt
Bench: We will also have to compensate these people for dying due to lack of oxygen. Its the responsibility of the State. #DelhiHighCourt
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