Hello all. If you could please do me a favour. Any groups / open calls on Facebook/Instagram where you can share this message. There is no issue if my number is visible. Help required! My grandfather JC Srivastava, age 93, is COVID positive since 20th April 2021. His CT count is
at 15 and his last oxygen meter reading on 27th April 2021 at 7am was 73. None of his family members are currently in Delhi or in healthy positions to arrange for his wellbeing. I am in Mumbai and awaiting RT-PCR clearance to fly out to Delhi asap. He is currently at Hotel
Vedanta Gurugram (a OYO room converted to a COVID care facility) with a depleting oxygen cylinder. We urgently require an ICU bed or a bed with a ventilator at a hospital in Delhi or NCR area seeing that his condition is worsening. In the meantime, we are also arranging for an
ambulance to transport him, as well as a person who can coordinate his admission to the hospital in our absence. I will take over as soon as I am Delhi. My number is +918373976673. Please call me urgently/asap with any leads from hospitals.
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