Pakistan is about to reach a new milestone in its fight against terrorism. The fence on the 2,640km (1,640-mile) land border between Pak-Afghan that passes through rugged mountains, densely forested valleys and narrow rock passages, is compltng now 1/6
Islmbd startd fencing the porous border with Afghanistan in March 2017 after repeated attacks from Afghanstan-based militant groups. Despite disruption causd by the #COVID19 the work continued. So far, 90% of border has been fenced and remaining is to be completed in a month 2/6
Barrier consists of 2sets of chain-link fences, seprtd by a 2-metre(6-foot) space filled with concertina wire coils. fence is 3.6 metres high (11 feet)on the Pak side and 4 metres high (13 feet) on the Afghan side and is fitted with surveillance cameras and infrared detectors 3/6
Nearly 1,000 forts are also being constructed along the border to increase security.
Cross-border movement will only be allowed through 16 formally designated crossing points after the completion of the project, which is expected to cost more than $500m in total. 4/6
Since 2007, Pakistan carried out countless kinetic ops, incl Zarb-e-Azb and Radd-ul- Fassad, to root out terrorists from tribal belt. However, the porous Pak-Afghan border undermined the security gains made through these operations. Militants use to flee to Afghanistan easily 5/6
since Pakistan’s fencing project began, militants found it a lot harder to infilterate, attack and evade Pak military's efforts to prevent their attacks. The number of cross-border terror attacks from Afghanistan has fallen from 82 in 2019 to just 11 in 2020. 6/6
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