Things I have a VERY hard time comprehending... As someone who was raised in a southern state, I’ve often heard the narrative of “racism doesn’t exist anymore. Slavery hasn’t been a thing in almost 150 years.” yet we always fail to leave out the narrative of desegregation.
We, as in America, integrated the school systems barely over 50 years ago. We often leave out the narrative associated with this event (burning of school buildings, PROTESTING, etc.) and the simple fact that many people my age had parents who lived through these experiences.
Our parents were taught this hate? Segregation is only ONE generation removed. How do people not see this? Fail to see the system built to oppress Black people in our country? Segregation and the Civil Rights Movement didn’t erase that hate? It’s still here...
I just don’t understand how people can fail to see that our country has been built on the oppression of people of color?? Especially Black communities. It just baffles me.
Why do people think forcing Black and White youth to merge in an education setting just MAGICALLY erased the deep hatred and refusal to see Black people and communities as human beings? It just magically erased all racism?? America isn’t racist anymore???
I still have a lot of thoughts on this but I will stop. You can thank Remember the Titans for this thread. It’s just how my brain works.
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