Day 7 He was reluctant to take the Dabba saying give it to the needy. I can still work and earn my living. These people hardly have customers each day. He smiled and said thank you ! #HappinessDabba
More stories from the ground about #HappinessDabba coming soon! Hope you like us bringing back some stories of Happiness & love from the ground? #HappinessDabba #Pune
Day 8 He has encourages us each day. I had tears of joy listening him
We had a request from one family-To
Give few chapatis instead of our tasty khichdi.
Our team got on to the job and made some different dabbas.4/6 chapatis and thick daal made 30 people happy.
Grateful for the support of all friends and family (72)
In addition to our dabbas we are also spreading awareness about use of masks.When we got to distribute masks today one policeman volunteered to
Help us.
Grateful to Pune Police for their support (73)
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