Omegaverse SunaKomo


Shit. /Shit./

Motoya had been feeling uncomfortably warm all day. But it was late summer in Japan, so everything was uncomfortably hot and humid. So he thought nothing of it.

He was on suppressants anyway, so it shouldn’t have been an issue.
During the season, he had to be. Everyone did — no one wanted to go into heat or rut for a week during an important training camp or before a big game. Even worse if they were at a tournament or the post-season.
But the problem was, Komori’s heat didn’t actually come when he went off his suppressants for the three months of the off season.

That was odd, and a good bit annoying — but his heat had never really been “regular” to begin with.
So, he chocked it up to his body and hormones being weird like they always were, and went back on his suppressants a week before he went back into training.

He would probably just have an extra-annoying heat when he finally got it over the winter break.
That was usually the case when he was irregular like this.

Komori was prepared for it; he had been through many other heats like it in his life, and knew it was just mother nature’s way to really stick it to him. He was used to it by now.
What he wasn’t prepared for though, was the gush of slick that spewed out of his slit as he dove in for a receive in practice.

He managed to pick up the ball, and get an A-pass back to their setter, because that was just his talent as a libero.
He even faintly heard nice receive” from his side of court and the bench.

But even after the ball smacked against the court on the other side, Komori still couldn’t find the strength to pick himself up off of the floor.
His whole body was trembling. The oppressive heat weighed down heavily on his body and his brain, making it impossible to think.

Anxiety was raging through his system, but not to be outdone by the thumping heat pooling in his abdomen.

He knew his breath was labored,
and started to come out only in weak pants which did nothing to cool his insides or quench the thirst that was building in him.

How has he not noticed the signs or symptoms until he was plunged into the deep end?

Well, he /thought/ his suppressants had been doing their job.
What a fool Komori was for falling into a false sense of security.

Komori was lucid enough to snark at his own situation, but not enough to laugh it off. Sadly, he was also aware enough that he could feel as he started to leak through his shorts.
It made him worry that when he finally got up, there would be a pool of slick and evidence.

His only saving grace in the whole situation was his pheromone patch. It’s probably no one had been able to smell the preheat on him earlier.
So at the very least, his scent would be /diluted/. And since
everyone always wore theirs during practice too, Komori’s head wasn’t being driven to the brink of insanity by any overpowering alphas.

He just had to get out before anyone else realized.
Still, even with the patches, there wasn’t a whole lot one could do about the overwhelming waves of an Omega’s scent in full heat.

Komori needed to get out of there. Now.

Before he could push himself back up onto his feet, Komori felt a cool hand touch his shoulder.
The large, calloused touch only served to make his body burn even hotter.

“‘Toya? You alright?”

Suna’s voice resonated clearly in Komori’s ears, even through the haze he had been clouded in.
His head snapped up to look at where the tall, green eyed man was leaning over to check on him. Rintarou’s normally sharp eyes were set wide in concern.

“Y-Yeah! Fine!” Motoya croaked out. He knew his voice was shot, but anything was better than sounding like a heat-drunk omega.
“I-I just need some air...”

Suna’s brows furrowed deeper, but instead of saying anything, he silently offered a hand in support which Motoya was more than glad to take. Unsure whether or not he would have been stable enough to get up on his own.

Komori whimpered at the overwhelming feeling of Suna’s bare hand clasping his own.

The strength in his large hands combined with the proximity of his scent glands to Motoya’s own overly sensitive, heat-swollen ones (even under the patch) sent a rush of pleasure and comfort
through his system.

It wasn’t until he was fully standing, being supported by those same hands, and after a few full seconds of silence, that Komori realized what sort of embarrassing noise he let out.

Motoya looked up to face Suna with
wide, frightened eyes and a face he knew was flushed far beyond a normal level suitable for practice.

“I-I need to go” Komori managed to stutter out on fluttering breath.

Rintarou’s eyes widened minutely in understanding before he opened his mouth as if to say something.
But before he could, Motoya bolted out of his arms and out the gym doors as quickly as he could on jellied legs.

There was somewhat of a commotion that echoed behind him, but Komori could barely hear it, and couldn’t bring himself to care. He just needed to get out.
As he raced through the halls, he realized that there was no way he was going to get home.

He had taken the train to practice like he always did. But unless he wanted to be approached by every alpha in the area, that was off the table.

Luckily he somehow thought to grab his
phone on the way out, because at least he could call Sakusa, because even if he was a few hours away, his cousin always seemed to know what to do.

In order to catch his breath, and work up the nerve to call, Komori ducked into a supply closet to hide.
Even if he did somehow make it home... he didn’t have anything prepared for his heat. No nesting supplies, no food or water stocked up...

Komori had no idea what he was going to do.

Just as a few tears burned tracks down his cheeks as a heat tremor coursed through his body,
a *creak* of the door and a light creeping across his face, signaled that Komori was no longer going to be able to hide.

He looked up blearily, only to see Suna tiptoeing in with hands raised as if approaching an easily spooked animal. Rintarou quietly shut the door behind him.
“Hey...” Rin said with a small smile on as if trying to reassure him. He crouched down to Komori’s level, but stayed a few feet back to maintain distance and boundaries.

“How can I help?” Suna asked. Even in the dim closet, his green eyes glowed earnestly.
Maybe it was the look, maybe it was his desperation, maybe it was becuase it was Suna — Komori didn’t know. But, whatever it was, made Komori somehow feel like everything was going to be alright as long as Suna was taking care of him.

“I... I don’t know what do...”
“Can you get home?”

Komori just shook his head as his lips fumbled around for words.

Suna hummed solemnly, then reached out cautiously with one hand, making sure that Komori wasn’t going to flinch or run away.

When he was sure, he gently caressed Komori’s cheek.
The omega couldn’t help but nuzzle into the comforting touch, but recoiled a little when his nose scrunched up because his scenting was interrupted by a black patch.

Komori didn’t even realize he was whining until he heard a low chuckle from the middle blocker in front of him.
Suna just looked at him with slight mirth in his normally cunning, but still soft eyes.

“I know, I know, they kinda suck. Would it help you to relax if I removed it for a little while so you could scent me?”

Motoya didn’t even think about the answer before he nodded rapidly.
Suna retracted his hand only for a moment, but not before chuckling again at Motoya’s small whine.

Luckily, it didn’t take long before Rintarou was offering up his bare, long, pale, muscular arm back to Motoya, who greedily partook in nuzzling into the surprisingly soft skin.
Motoya didn’t know how long he had been nuzzling against Suna’s scent gland on his wrist, but after a while, his head finally began to clear, at least a little bit.

Well, enough to realize that he was humming contentedly as he gently cooed “Alpha....”
That realization made Komori shoot up and scoot back a few paces back towards the wall. He took in a deep clean shuddering breath as he looked back at Suna with surprise in his naturally wide eyes.
Luckily the scenting has done the trick, and Komori felt a little calmer and more in control, so he was actually able to form a complete sentence.

“I thought you were a Beta...”

Suna gave a small huff of laughter “Right back at ya.” He replied with a shrug.
Then his eyes went wide again in uncomfortable realization before he went back to the sort of ‘calming a spooked animal’ concern.

“Do you... want me to get one of the trainers or coach instead... are you okay with -“

“No! I-I mean yes!” Komori scrambled to say.
“I mean, I dont want you to get anyone else... I’m... I’m glad that you’re here Rin... I trust you.”

Komori surprised even himself when those words came out of his mouth, but they were true.

For all of Suna’s reputation as being stone-faced, he actually showed a lot of emotion.
Genuine surprise and happiness seemed to wobble across the Alpha’s expression before he settled on a restrained but real smile.

“Well then, let me help get you home. We can take my car, and I’ll help explain it to coach, or... whatever you want me to do later.”
Komori felt a new wave of tears pool in his eyes. He’d say he didn’t know why he was so emotional, but that answer was pretty darn obvious.

The only real problem lied with the other wave of liquid heat that coursed through his body, making him grunt slightly at the uncomfortable
sensation before he could respond to Suna.

“Can... can we stay a little longer... ? I dunno if i can walk...”

Komori tried to laugh it off at the end, similar to his normal, lighthearted style of talking, but it probably just came off as awkward or pained.
Rin seemed to understand though as his eyes softened empathetically.

The alpha then stood before squatting down and without missing a beat, scooping Komori into his arms, princess style.

Motoya flushed and squawked at the sudden jostling combined with the overwhelming sensation
of so many points of contact. Each place where Suna’s hands, or arms, or broad chest touched Motoya sent his heart and heat racing.

“You’re gonna be a lot happier at your own place, than stuck in a supply closet trying to wait out your heat. C’mon, we’ll take my car.”
Motoya tried to argue, but a cramp and wave of heat caused a desperate whimper to escape from his throat as he flung his arms around Rintarou’s neck, clinging on desperately

His whimpers died down as Rin held him securely and gently rubbed a thumb soothingly against his shoulder
The calm he had gotten from the earlier scenting was starting to fade the longer Suna walked and carried Komori in his arms. That feeling was being steadily replaced by the hazy, muggy heaviness of heat and arousal.
Holy /shit/ was Motoya horny.

Now that he was no longer coursing with adrenaline and fear from an unexpected heat, he could recognize the feeling for what it /was/.

With nearly every step, Motoya could feel either his dick twitch in interest or impatience, or even more slick
gush out.

Komori had to bite his lip nearly to the point of bleeding to not be a constant whimpering mess.

Now that he had smelled the alpha’s true smell, he could recognize it still clinging onto his skin from the combined exertion at practice and his earlier pheromones.
But it was no where near enough.

The lingering scent of lemongrass, pine and musk that hung in the air was intoxicating, but in a way that just seemed to make his inner omega even more impatient.

It was like having only one salt and vinegar chip and feeling all of his saliva
rush in to prepare him for more, but leaving him desperate and craving the itch on his tongue from having a few too many.

And god Komori wanted all he could take of Suna.

In a desperate attempt to find some of that earlier calm and clarity away from his heat-addled brain,
Komori ducked his head in closer to Suna’s neck, rubbing his nose desperately from the crook where his shoulder met, all the way up to the divot behind his ear.

But it wasn’t enough.
Motoya found a low whine escaping from the back of his throat at the harsh, astringent smell of Suna’s pheromone patch blocking him from scenting the largest gland on his neck.

His cloud of frustration at the offending item was broken by a low rumbling laughter from around him.
“You can take it off, ‘Toya.“

It took a few beats for Motoya to blink away the haze enough to comprehend Suna’s words, but when he did, he didn’t waste another second before practically ripping the patch off of Suna and immediately diving in.
If the libero had any shred of dignity left, he probably would have been mortified at the purring coming from his happy Omega, but he was well past that point.

His omega didn’t miss the satisfied rumble from deep within his chest, and tried to release his own happy pheromones.
All that served to do was make Komori more aware of the itch building beneath his own, now soaked, patches. But he didn’t let that feeling distract from his buffet.

He nuzzled, inhaled and even lapped at Suna’s skin. Completely gorging himself on the heady Alpha essence.
Komori had of course, smelled other Alphas before.

Outside of sport or other jobs where it was mandatory, not too many alphas had the courtesy to cover up their pheromones. Most too proud (or in too dire a need to compensate) to make life easier for everyone else.
But Motoya had /never/ someone whose scent was as, as potent as Rintarou’s.

As he nuzzled his scent gland, he was wrapped in the unbridled waves of Suna’s pheromones. It made the unbearable heat simmer to feel like snuggling up by a simmering fireplace, wrapped in a blanket.
It was like drinking ambrosia straight from the source.

If Komori was worried about being “heat-drunk” earlier, he was probably nearing a blackout from Rin’s scent. But he’d never felt better in his life.

So good, in fact, he hadnt even realized they made it out of the building
His high came to a cruel halt as Suna struggled to set him back down onto his feet, so he could open the door to his car.

Normally, Komori hated to be babied or taken care of, but it felt oddly nice to indulge in Suna’s care while he was still 3/4 out of his mind.
Finally when Suna got in the drivers seat and closed the door, Komori couldn’t help himself but to dive over the center console and reattach himself to the Alpha who’s scent was only growing thicker and muskier in the enclosed space.
But before he could indulge in the Alpha’s decadent scent, Suna grabbed Komori by the shoulders to stop him and keep him at an arms distance.

Komori pouted as he had to blink away his heat haze. When his vision finally focused, he saw Suna. Finally /looked/ at him.
Rintarou’s face was flushed a deeper shade of pink, and far more thoroughly, than Motoya had ever seen before. His eyes were more black than green.

Suna was breathing heavily, so much so, Komori could almost swear he saw the puffs of breath as he exhaled.
And he was clutching a new patch against his neck.

Komori growled lowly at the object before his eyes caught movement, realizing that Rin had actually been saying something.

“-toya! Motoya!”

“H-huh?” He intelligently responded.
As Rin finally got Komori’s attention, the taller man sighed gratefully as he began to firmly, but gently, stroke the Omega where he was still holding on to him.

“I asked, where do you want to go?”

“Anywhere with you.”
Motoya responded before his brain could catch up with his mouth.

Rintarou’s eyes widened for a moment before they flicked to the side, looking anywhere but at Motoya.
“‘Toya...” The Alpha nearly groaned out his name. It was impossible to tell if it was out of arousal, frustration, annoyance, or all of the above. His death grip on the steering wheel suggested all 3. “You can’t just say something like that...”
Komori blinked innocently despite the debauched flush which had taken root on his face.

But he didn’t see the problem — it was the truth.

He didn’t want to spend his heat anywhere without the alpha in front of him.
If there was one thing that heat made Komori, it was emotional. If there was another, it would be more loose-lipped.

Any other time, Motoya might have let it slide, or have tried to laugh it off. But no, he needed Rintarou to understand. He needed /him/.
“Rin, I mean it.” Komori waited to continue until Suna’s olive irises were finally looking at him again.

“I don’t want to go home. I don’t want to have to do this alone.”

Suna listened quietly, but looked like he understood and sympathized with the pains of a heat.
Ruts weren’t all that pleasant, but compared to heats, they were annoying at best. For a week he was a little too angry and a little too horny, and could barely think with anything that wasn’t his dick.

But it was nothing compared to the physical toll and lack of control that
came with an omega’s heat. So he understood why Komori might be scared and desperate.

“I didn’t know my heat was coming.” Komori continued, but rolled his eyes in annoyance at his own reminder. “/Obviously/, otherwise I wouldn’t have been at practice.”
“But that means I didn’t prepare or anything.”

The alpha began to look a little wary, but Komori just kept plowing on through, not wanting to waste his few moments of clarity while in the depths of his heat.
“And if my options are to be alone, and miserable... or spending my heat with someone I trust and care deeply for...”

Motoya scooter forward in his seat to lean over the center console and into Suna’s space.
With only a hair’s breadth between them, Komori gently touched a hand down on the middle blocker’s broad chest to ground himself.

Then, he finally steered back up into his piercing jade eyes, refusing to let anything other than his true intentions cloud what he was about to say.
“Then I know who I’d choose.”
The air between them was still for a long tense moment, before the faintest of stuttered breathes brushed against their lips. That small sensation burned Komori’s skin down to the cells as it dusted over his overheated face.
But despite the tension and desperation, Komori wasn’t the one to finally break it

No, it was the cool touch of a calloused thumb on his cheek and the pressure of Suna gently pulling his head down to meet him.

Motoya let out a soft, shuddering gasp at the first brush of lips.
Despite forcing himself into gentleness and holding back, Suna still allowed himself to explore and enjoy taking in every little bit of Komori.

He slid a gentle tongue along the seam of the omega’s lips, which was easily accepted and met with an equally probatory tongue after
another small noise.

Was it a gasp? Was it a whine? It didn’t really matter, aside from spurring on the alpha’s own growing heat and excitement.

Anytime he can hear or feel his omega’s pleasure, Suna can feel his inner alpha groan and purr in satisfaction.
When the originally gingerly placed hand on Suna’s chest gripped the fabric of his shirt tightly and brought them even closer together. The Alphaccouldn’t help but smirk as he happily deepened the kiss.
Suna indulgently took in Motoya’s breath and sweet omega scent through the kiss. It was addicting, in a way that made the alpha almost scared to get a taste once he finally removed his patches.

Motoya had a naturally light and citrusy scent of Yuzu with a warm base of vanilla.
Only now, that warm sweetness seemed to have caramelized into something deeper, more irresistible.

Like a freshly baked food that Rintarou could devour in one bite and eat a dozen more of, but he wanted to savor every last bite of the omega.
He wanted all the tart, all the sweet, and especially the ooey-gooey center.

But for now, all Rintarou had to focus on was making Motoya /his/, and taking care of his omega.

When they finally broke apart for air, the omega’s responding whine nearly made Suna
kiss him senseless again. He thought taking a deep breath might clear his head, but it only intoxicated him more from the combined power of their scents.

As Suna shook his head in another desperate attempt to retain his sanity, that’s when he noticed Komori scratching and
pulling as the black patch in his neck.

The alpha snapped a hand forward, grabbing Motoya’s wrist away. Only in his grip, Suna could feel the swollen scent gland covered by a smaller black band throb under his own hands.
‘Motoya must really be deep in heat if his pheromones are that strong even under the suppressants and barriers...’ Suna thought. ‘Even with them, Komori still smells irresistible. I really don’t know if I could handle him taking those off and facing the full brunt of them...’
“You don’t have to ‘handle it’, Rin.” Motoya responded to what Suna had /thought/ had been said only in his own head.

Despite his near-permanent flush and his labored breathing, Komori still had a smug look gracing his little nubs of brows.
Probably because now that Suna was in his sights, he wasn’t planning to easily let go.

“Why are you holding back, when you can take the edge off /now/?”

Komori used his other hand which was still bunched up in Suna’s shirt to pull the alpha in closer to him.
Together in their shared breath, the mingling of their scents and pheromones created a mouth watering cocktail in the air around them.

There was always something bubbling under the surface between the two of them, which always kept Suna coming back for more.
That intoxicating dance between them only spurred Komori on to reach up and finally open the floodgates, removing his pheromone patch.

Immediately, the scent hit Rintarou at full force, giving him a head rush.
But just as quickly, was that overwhelming feeling overtaken by the desire and the /need/ to scent his omega.

Rin pulled Motoya in close, despite the awkward spacing in the front seat of his car, and began indulgently nuzzling and lapping across the swollen, red and angry gland.
From under his ministrations, Motoya let loose loud mewls and whines of pleasure and overstimulation.

Wave upon wave of cloyingly sweet, but undeniably rich pheromones came from the omega.
But aside from the constant underlying current of arousal and spice tinging Komori’s scent, the most obvious feeling the omega was projecting was happiness and comfort, not desperation or blind arousal.
That made Suna’s heart flutter in his chest.

Another confirmation that Komori wasn’t just speaking through a lens of his heat, but that he was genuinely comforted by and enjoying his presence.

It made his Alpha want to sing and howl and make Komori his right that very minute.
But instead, he settled for a subdued, deep, rumbling purr of contentment as he continued to scent the smaller man.

The two of them didn’t know how long they stayed there like that, drunk on the pheromones passing between them.
Yet again, Komori was the one to break through, despite the cloud of heat that surrounded him.

The omega grabbed one of Suna’s large hands which had been bracing itself on the gear shift as he leaned over to the passenger side of the car.
Without any remorse, Motoya brought it over and onto his body — and directly onto his heightened arousal.

Komori couldn’t help but moan at the feeling of Suna’s heavy palm against his erection that was trapped in his shorts.
The whole thing felt even more lewd as the soaking wetness of his slick and sweat supercharged every touch as the Alpha began to firmly rub the bulge underneath his palm. With every move, every touch, the blazing heat of the omega’s skin seemed to grow.
Rintarou couldn’t help but groan in deep satisfaction at the Omega taking charge to get what he needed.

He grabbed a firm hold of Motoya’s rather substantial package, interest piqueing even higher as he began to dream about tasting his sweet nectar later.
“All this... just for me..?” Suna practically groaned out as foxlike eyes flicked up from his neck to look at the Omega’s debauched face.

“Mmmm yes, all yours!” Komori keened in pleasure as Suna continued to grind his palm against his hard erection. “A-Alpha, please..!”
And how could Suna say no to that?


‼️(From here on down, this is going to be 🔞 NSFW, so please look away if you do not want/cannot see more ! This is abo so I assume most of y’all assumed it’d be smut, but this is your last warning!!)💢

Not daring to remove his hand from where the whimpering omega was grinding up into him, Suna closed the the distance, diving right in to lap at his parted lips.

The inside of Motoya’s mouth was molten, and Suna felt /this/ close to burning his tongue from the power of his heat.
But just like eating a piping hot takoyaki, Suna couldn’t hold himself back from indulging in the treat before him.

If anything, it was that slight pain, that edge that spurred him on even more. Making every lick, every whimper, every spicy sweet taste that much more delicious.
He couldn’t help the awkwardness of their position because of the car, but it made him feel like a fumbling teenager all over again, rather than a powerful and experienced alpha.

But with the deep, satisfied rumbling in his chest, Suna knew the spur of the moment passion only
heightened his instinctual pleasure.

The alpha wrapped a broad arm around the omega’s back, pulling him in even closer and feeling the sizzle and burn of their skin cracking in the air around them.

It was electrifying, intoxicating — and Rintarou wanted more. /Needed/ more.
As he dipped a hand down into the waistband of his shorts, he wasn’t shocked to find them sopping wet with slick, but he couldn’t help the unbitten, possessive, pleased growl that escaped from deep within him.

Maybe it was the sound, maybe it was his touch, maybe it was the
burst of Alpha pheromones which began to fill the car. Whatever the cause, after the rumbling of his pleasure subsided and Suna began to explore past Motoya’s hardness and down towards his slit, another burst of slick expelled itself from the omega’s body in response.
Along with the most wanton or whines that seemed to echo for minutes within the confines of the 4 doors.

That sound went straight to Suna’s cock — he could feel it twitch right down to his tight knot, which was just beginning to swell in interest.
His mouth was salivating at their combined scent. Motoya’s tart cinnamon roll-like aroma, mixed with his own crisp yet deep musk to form a heady concoction like none Rintarou had ever faced before.

Without another thought other than that of his insatiable craving,
Suna licked a firm, wet stripe up from Motoya’s collarbone and up to his ear.

It tasted even sweeter on his tongue in a way that left him breathless. Before he could even process the keening of the omega underneath him, Suna attached himself to the crook of his neck
to suckle on and lick and pull out every last drop of sweet, heat-spiced pheromones from Komori’s swollen scent gland.

Motoya whimpered as Rin massaged his overly sensitive balls. Those sounds, combined with the fluttering of his leaking hole as Suna traced gentle, teasing
circles against its border, as well as his sweet nectar on his tongue was nearly enough to drive any alpha insane.

It was almost too much for Rintarou to handle and see any logic through his own instinctual haze. But this wasn’t just any omega, this was Motoya.
He was his friend, his teammate, his omega — well, not /his/ omega. At least, not yet.

But whatever the case, Motoya and his happiness was worth far more to Rintarou than any instinctual pull threatening to drive him feral.
Just before he began to press the tip of his middle finger in past the omega’s slick, wet walls, Suna pulled away and out of Komori’s pants.

But not without a loud whine in protest from the omega, who seemed too flushed with heat to understand why much of anything was happening.
The whine tugged on Suna’s heart and his instincts, immediately wanting to do whatever he could to satisfy his omega.

But no, communication was most important here.

“Motoya... can you make it until we get home...?”
Suna was shocked at just how anguished his groans sounded as he shook his head. Even though he was despwrwtwlt saying no, he couldn’t make it, he was also begging for something. /Anything/ to alleviate his heat.

“Please... Suna...” Komori panted wantonly. “Rin... /Alpha/...”
“Take me — please! I-I can’t wait any more...!” Motoya whined out in a high pitch before grasping on to the Alpha’s hovering, outstretched hands.

The omega desperately wished for more friction, more firm, ministrations to help calm the simmering of his heat beneath his skin.
Even as Suna’s large hands began to explore and tease up and down his body, he needed more.

Getting up on his knees on top of the seat, Motoya stretched as gracefully as he could while being trapped beneath the roof of the car and while half-drunk on his heat.
He somehow managed to get his shirt nearly all the way off, and fumbled around with the waistband if his shorts before Suna’s large hands began to make quick work of his struggles.

It didn’t matter that they were in a car, or that they were still in the parking lot of their gym.
All that mattered was the feeling of Suna’s cool, expansive hands touching over every inch of his steaming body. Each brush made his hair stand on end, and every tingling sensation made Motoya keen and whimper.

The touches felt sadistically good —
scratching exactly the itch he needed, but not quenching his thirst. If anything, it just made him more insatiable.

But that was the menace of a heat - no matter how good he felt, until he was filled to the brim, and until he came at least 3 times,
Komori was going to be overly sensitive and wanting nothing more then Suna’s hot, Alpha cock.

The thought of the prize that lay before him, only veilded behind loose-fitting athletic shorts, was enough to pull Komori out of his heated daze and back to the matter at hand.
Using his leverage, he climbed over and thrust himself into Rintarou’s space, in a desperate need to rid the alpha of his clothing so they could rub their heated bodies together.

Just as the omega was able to start wiggling the shorts down from around Suna’s seated butt,
a strong hand tilted his chin up to stop him in his tracks.

The sordid sight of the omega’s eyes peering up at him behind thick, caramel-colored lashes and a deep flush as he was fumbling around with Rintarou’s shorts was quite nearly pornographic.
Actually, it was the hint of drool beginning to drip out of the corner of Motoya’s pouty lips that caused the alpha’s dick to twitch, helping finish the job the Omega had started by popping out and revealing itself to the steamy world around them.
Despite his raging hormones and horniness, Suna didn’t let up on his grip, not wanting the omega to continue as he intended.

No matter how desperately he wanted to feel the heat of his mouth on his cock, Rin was supposed to be taking care of his omega through a difficult heat —
not the other way around.

But it seemed that stubborn omega had different plans.

At the feeling of Rintarou’s bare cock bouncing around in newly-freed interest, Motoya didn’t waste a second before wrapping a hands around it.
Despite not being able to look away from the alpha’s gaze, Motoya couldn’t help but keen at the feeling of the tell-tale signs of a knot beginning to swell and bulge at the base of his cock.
Komori, licked his lips at the generous amount of precum slicking up his hands.

Which gave him an idea.

He didn’t dream of breaking the electrifying challenge held in their eye contact. No, it just encouraged him further. Made his skin burn a little more.

But in a good way.
Motoya maintained a firm grip on the pulsating appendage in one hand, while diving his free hand into his own shorts.

Both Alpha and Omega couldn’t hold back their responding, instinctual growls. Komori purred at the feeling of his own wetness coating his hand.
He only dared to tease himself with his finger for a moment, no matter how desperately he wanted to stave off the worst cramps and pains of his heat.

No, if he was patient, Motoya could get an even better prize.
Suna couldn’t believe the sight before him as Motoya’s eyes rolled back in his head in pleasure due to his own ministrations.

Despite it all, the omega did his best to maintain eye contact and not squirm out of Rin’s hold.

God, he was so /good/.
Then, Motoya removed his hand, biting his lip sensually as he did so. It was too much for Suna to take, so he let his eyes wander to the omega’s hand.

Which was still connected by a viscous string of slick to the other man’s shorts.
A little pink head was just peaking out of the omega’s waistband, and it was glistening with that same cocktail of precum and slick.

The overpowering scent of his secretions made Suna’s mouth water.
He couldn’t stop himself from leaning down closer into the omega’s space, and taking two of his soaking wet fingers into his mouth.

His tongue immediately went to work mapping out every knuckle and pad, before closing his lips around the digits and sucking.

Suna couldn’t help but moan at the taste — decadent, sweet, tangy, creamy — as he stopped his slurping with a pop.

The omega shuddered in pleasure and anticipation, looking conflicted in whether or not he wanted to continue with his original plans,
or just let himself be taken by the whims of the handsome alpha who had sucked at his fingers like an ice pop.

Despite his haze and the inherent eroticism of Rintarou’s green gazed locked into his own as he lapped at his fingers and juices, Motoya hadn’t lost sight of his prize.
Komori couldn’t help how his breath hitched as he wrapped his slick hand back around Suna’s cock, nor the whimper that came along with the feeling of it twitching in his hand.

But what was even better were the sounds coming out of Suna.
The bitten back groans, the low choked out moans, the feeling of his long cock gliding back and forth across his palm — everything about the alpha was beyond intoxicating to Motoya.

/His Alpha/, his heat-driven thoughts supplied.
That thought sent a shock of lust through his system, causing a loud and nearly pornographic moan to come out of him along with another hush of slick.

There was no way he wasn’t going to be leaving sticky residue or his scent all over every inch of Rintarou’s car;
but something about that made Motoya’s inner omega feel just a bit more satisfied.

So caught up in his own thoughts, the cloud of pheromones surrounding him, and the feeling of Suna against him, Komori almost missed the deep and possessive growl from the Alpha.
In a flurry of movement, Suna reached forward to grabbed the back of Motoya’s head, pulling him in for a rough, passionate kiss.

The feeling of the Alphas hot, slick tongue penetration and exploring his mouth with the dominant confidence of his secondary gender made Komori keen.
If he thought his heat was unbearable before, every inch of his insides felt like an inferno, about to combust.

He simultaneously felt so close to finding release, yet so unbearably far that if he didn’t get something inside him and soon — he might just die.
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