So a few weeks ago I talked about @awscloud compensation being below market.

A lot of folks were saying I was wrong, being unfair, etc.

One person figured they’d be data driven and test the theory by applying elsewhere.
They make ~$230k-ish target comp at AWS. Because of stock that’s somewhere between 280-290k (back weighted of course).
The first offer has come in. $225k cash. $800k in RSUs (evenly vesting over the next four years because the new company isn’t looney tunes).

That’s roughly a $200k a year increase at a company that isn’t FAANG, but a solidly respectable company.

Interview. Find out.
It’s hard to directly compare between companies, but titles are very similar. The only thing that matters (responsibility) makes this a lateral move.
Another report has come in that an @awscloud employee got an offer at a non-FAANG for 40% more than their current target AWS comp.

Lateral move again as best I can tell.
And because I don’t hide data that doesn’t confirm my position: a third employee reports that a non-FAANG offer has come in $100k *below* their current @awscloud comp.

This is why we interview! Find out for yourself what you can get elsewhere.
Another report has come in. “I have multiple offers in hand. My current TC at @awscloud is 335k. My highest FAANG offer is 652K and non FAANG offer is 710K. Same level (engineering manager)”
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