School founder and CEO Leila Centner's Instagram is packed with debunked COVID anti-mask and anti-vax conspiracy theories and right-wing propaganda, many posts flagged for misinformation #BecauseMiami 
Two years ago, the Centners opened the academy illegally over the protests of residents — then they paid off Commissioner @KeonHardemon and Mayor @FrancisSuarez #BecauseMiami
They opened Centner Academy illegally in August 2019 without a Certificate of Occupancy, so they hired @MiamiMayor Francis Suarez's law firm to lobby the city #BecauseMiami:
Miami residents appealed the city's zoning exception for Centner Academy, then the owners made ten $1,000 "donations" from their various entities to Commissioner @KeonHardemon and, two weeks later, he personally intervened on their behalf #BecauseMiami:
The email Leila Centner sent last week tells school staff "reports have surfaced recently of non-vaccinated people being negatively impacted by interacting with people who have been vaccinated" and "reports of menstrual cycles being impacted and a 366% increases in miscarriages"
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