(1/6) Update from Health Canada: new safety information about the #Janssen #vaccine before it is distributed in Canada.
(2/6) Cases of rare blood clotting events reported in the U.S. after immunization with the #Janssen vaccine are similar to those reported after the #AstraZeneca vaccine, which Health Canada has communicated about recently. http://ow.ly/MXnu50Eyc8X 
(3/6) Health Canada has worked closely with the manufacturer and other international regulators to assess the most current evidence and is taking action before the vaccine is available to Canadians.
(4/6) As a result, the Janssen product label has been updated to inform Canadians about the signs and symptoms of possible side effects, and when to seek prompt medical attention after vaccination. http://ow.ly/HXVO50Eycbf 
(5/6) Health Canada continues to consider the benefits of vaccination to outweigh these very rare potential risks, and supports the use of the #Janssen and #AstraZeneca #vaccines in Canada.
(6/6) We will continue to keep Canadians informed about any safety issues with any #COVID19 #vaccines, and will take immediate further action as necessary.
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