To start off this thread about Armenian history and Genocide only to downplay it by making this #AllLivesMatter statement is how Timmy operates. Start out with an ostensibly rational position to then pivot to gaslighting & a focus on perpetrators’ feelings
Tomasz asserts that Armenians aren’t aware of Taner Akcam. Armenians are fully aware of Akcam. They have supported Akcam and helped him find sources.
Does Thom speak Turkish Azerbaijani Armenian Greek? Is he a historian? Does he have an MA in anything? Phd? Who does he think he is?
Does he not understand the difference between state sponsored violence and popular defense? Or does he try to actively downplay it by couching things in this way. Either way he needs to stop or be held accountable for his whitewashing of atrocities - past and present
Muddying the waters is all he does. Never takes a position. Just presents himself as having a handle on all the complexity when all he does is throw it around and calls it a day. Genocide is genocide. Period. Do not dilute it.
I think we can agree all this suggests Timbuktu STILL doesn’t understand what genocide is. No one is saying Kurds and Turks didn’t die. This isn’t about death. It’s about the INTENT to exterminate a group from the borders of a state.
He’s either that ignorant or he is that disingenuous. And he refuses to learn
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