Just saw @Politico cited opponents who called this the “death knell” of public ed. These Chicken Littles have literally been saying that for *decades* all while Florida keeps expanding #SchoolChoice and their public schools keep improving their performance. See below for data. https://twitter.com/jasonbedrick/status/1386744270640480257
Researchers at the @UniversityOfArk recently found that states with more robust #EdChoice policies had greater gains on the NAEP, on average, over the last 20 years. Florida was no exception. Indeed, FL has been a national leader.

Florida improved its Educational Freedom Rankings from 35 to 7 over the last two decades. Have its public schools been destroyed, as #SchoolChoice opponents warn? Quite the contrary!
As Florida’s #EdChoice policies have expanded, its overall performance has improved — and the biggest improvements have been among disadvantaged students who qualify for the ESAs and tax-credit scholarships. In other words, more choice & competition equals better public schools.
Florida’s gains among students with special needs and kids from low-income families have far outpaced the national average. It’s time for the Chicken Little to admit that the sky isn’t falling. #EdChoice works!
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