Pashto has 44 alphabets, taken from Arabic, and some are invented by Pir Rokhan.

ا ب پ ت ټ ث ج چ ح خ څ ځ د ډ ذ ړ ر ز ژ ږ س ش ښ ص ض ط ظ ع غ ف ق ک ګ ل م ن ڼ و ه ي ې ئ ۍ ے
In these 44 alphabets, the sound of the 4 alphabets are the same as in Urdu but written in Pashto Design.

which are;

ٹ : ټ
ڈ : ډ
ڑ : ړ
گ : ګ
Pashto has approx 88 dialects which are divided into 2 main dialects.
Soft Dialect & Hard Dialect.
Soft dialect means the sound which spoke on the tip of the tongue like in Qandahar, Quetta Waziristan

While hard dialects are spoken from the throat like in Kabul, Peshawar, Mardan
So these dialects make conflicts in sounds to resolve the conflict within dialects, these 4 alphabets are invented.
ځ څ ږ ښ

څ = ث/چ (Tse)
ځ = ز/ج (dze)
ږ = گ/ژ (zhy)
ښ = ش/خ (kshin)
Pashto has 5 یې

ي ې ۍ ئ ے

ي =میږي ، سړي (ee)
ې = ښځې، خېبر، پېښور (e)
ۍ = لکۍ، سپوږمۍ، کرسۍ (e)
ئ = راځئ، وليکئ، (ai)
ے = سړے، ميږے (e)

Difference b/w زړه & زړۀ
زړه means old
زړۀ means Heart

" ۀ " used at end of a word to break the voice of "ه"
The ڼ used to produce nurr sound.

رڼا، بڼ، چڼ
Uses of Ye (یې)

Plural Masculine (Noun, Adjective, Verbs)
سړي،‌ راځي،‌ ميږي

Plural Feminine / inbetween words to draw out 'ye' sound
ښځې، خېبر

Singular Feminine‌ (Nouns & Adjectives)
لکۍ، سپوږمۍ

Order or Request
راځئ، وخورئ

Singular Masculine (Noun)
سړے، ميږے
FAQ; difference between
:ے & ی

Both are same, According to Bara Gali decisions, 1992
will be used in Afghanistan🇦🇫 &
will be used in Pakistan 🇵🇰
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