If your career path is uncertain, open this.
In the current environment, "uncertain" seems to be the popular word of choice.
It is quite the accurate choice of words, seeing as many young people don't know what the future holds...
The future is already uncertain as it is... add a bad government and environment and it feels like gambling at a casino.
When the path isn't clear, it's because you lack the facts to make the right decision.
At many moments, I found myself trying to make a decision. Thinking through mental models or frameworks, analyzing pros and cons...Yet the decisions still felt "uncertain".
And whenever a decision doesn't seem clear to me, it's often because I lack the facts. When I say "facts" I mean "data" or "information" that is going to help you make a better decision.
So how do you get more facts?
Action leads to facts. Overthinking doesn't.
Throughout all of the thrashing around and trying to figure out my way through the future, one revelation showed up for me many times in my daily journaling.

Actions leads to facts. Overthinking doesn't help.
Times are never certain. Action leads to certainty.
When you aren't clear on a decision, take action.
Action will lead to facts.
Facts will validate your decision or give you data to course correct.
Overthinking doesn't help.
What decision are you overthinking?
Stop overthinking it. Take action to gather more actionable facts.
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