what songs have some of the best bass lines?

I'll start: dead prez's hip hop.
I am going through all the responses AND THIS IS A GOOD THREAD. keep them coming!
another fave is Chris Isaak's Wicked Game., one of my favourite songs. the bass line is subtle but accompanies the depth of the lyrics/vocals beautifully.
Like, COME ON:
We aren't gonna forget the bay area anthems - too short's blow the whistle and e40's
maybe I'll make a spotify playlist with all of these. can't keep up.
This remix of Queens of the Stone Age's Make It Wit chu - think about it often
Wild Cherry's Play That Funky Music White Boy - very memorable intro
Not the most memorable *bass line* but I've always loved it because the song itself so beautiful and memorable and it's a great balance of sound by nujabes:
how is there no kanye in the responses? mercy's bass is unforgettable and makes it go hard
Mobb Deep's Got It Twisted - just perfection and one of the best samples ever. dont fight me on that.
Jurassic 5's Quality Control - bass carries the song, alongside the lyrics/flow
And we can NEVER forget this beauty - the sensuality and playfulness of the bass perfectly underscores the song also probably the only song I know backwards and forwards with my eyes closed.
this spotify playlist is going to be a ride and a very good ride, comrades
what kind of a gnr fan would I be without mentioning duff mckagen on this are you kidding me
also Thug Luv by Bone Thugs N Harmony - following the prominence of the shotgun, the bass is *chef’s kiss*
bizzy’s verse/flow is one of the hardest to replicate
Here’s the Spotify playlist - going through all the songs, haven’t even touched the surface. need to clean this up: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0VQLTFs4b5v538HD4HFIrt?si=Ri3MIdvOSJCFuXWpESrEdQ
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