ICU & hospital doctors all over Ontario are training how to speak to families to tell them their loved ones are not eligible for critical care because of their pre-existing conditions or disability (which would make them less likely to survive ventilation). All @fordnation doing.
This is contrary to our training & ethical standards as doctors. It's not acceptable anywhere in Canada. Ask PM @JustinTrudeau to do more to prevent discriminatory policies based on scarce resources
call and leave a message: 1 613 992-4211 or
When in oncology is it acceptable to refuse to offer a cancer treatment because a condition is more challenging or risky? Sorry your child's cancer is aggressive and he has heart condition, NEXT....
Is this what we have become? We have the resources to avoid this☝🏻. #cndpoli
And to think this not occurred in Ontario before would not be accurate. In the mid 1990s radiotherapy wait times crisis in London, we had to triage patients and decide who would wait 8-12 weeks for radiotherapy and who would start sooner. It was horrible and no doubt, some died.
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