Once upon a time, lesbians were considered a "third sex" neither female nor male, and I read an article about how "lesbian" for some people is more of a gender identity than just a sexuality, and I think about this at least once a week. #LesbianVisibilityDay
I came out young, and lost access to a lot of women's spaces due to homophobia considering me a "predator." The fact that many lesbians now do this to trans women is so angering and frustrating. (It's not just lesbians who do it, but I'm just more disappointed in them.)
I know a lot of nonbinary lesbians, myself included, for whom lesbian is our *gender*, even if our sexuality includes sometimes being with people who aren't women. We will always be lesbians.
So Happy #LesbianVisibilityDay to the nonbinary lesbians, the trans lesbians, the he-him lesbians, the bisexual homoromantic lesbians, the homosexual biromantic lesbians, and yes the cisgender homosexual homoromantic lesbians too. We are all together a beautiful community.
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