1 I highly recommend this conversation between two good friends, Mark Grigorian and Ron Suny on Armenian history, the Genocide and much else besides.
2 Ron’s They Can Live in the Desert but Nowhere Else is a superb history of the Armenian Genocide. It tells the full terrible story. It’s also an analytical account that puts it within the dynamics of WW I and rapid radicalization by the Young Turk trio. https://press.princeton.edu/books/hardcover/9780691147307/they-can-live-in-the-desert-but-nowhere-else
3 As Ron says to Mark, it's important to shed old crude narratives that essentialize Turks. Amazingly, his book is translated into Turkish but not Armenian! Many Armenians are not yet familiar with in-depth works of modern historians like Bloxham and Akcam.
4 Histories know that the Armenian Genocide was the biggest atrocity in the region of that era but far from the only one. Assyrians also suffered genocide. Azerbaijanis, Kurds, Ottoman Turks, also died in huge numbers. Those histories deserve to be better told, and together.
5 I hope someone one day will chart the long chain of bloody action and reaction and write the full story of Anatolia and the Caucasus from 1914-23. A kind of Anatolian Bloodlands by @TimothyDSnyder. The whole region is still burdened by the legacy of those years.
6 + Pontic Greeks, ending with the Treaty of Lausanne in July 1923
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