Big news! Raytheon Intelligence & Space has been chosen by @NOAA to develop the Earth Prediction Innovation Center (EPIC), a virtual center that will unite the community to create the most user-friendly and user-accessible Earth modeling system. (1/5)
Raytheon brings proven expertise in scientific leadership, software engineering, software infrastructure, and delivery of support services to government, academia and industry who will collaborate within the EPIC framework. (2/5)
EPIC is a collaborative effort involving the #WeatherEnterprise — academia, government and industry — and the #UFSCommunity to accelerate research innovations, producing the most accurate and reliable operational modeling system in the world. (3/5)
The EPIC announcement following #EarthDay supports NOAA's commitment to environmental prediction for the benefit of society. #EarthDayNOAA (4/5)
NOAA is excited to work with the community to advance weather research and modeling. ⛈️

Learn more about EPIC: (5/5) #EPICNOAA
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