ann roth (who won her second oscar last night at 89 for costume design) was the woman who put matt damon in this swimwear. a legend.
other ann roth hits: julianne moore in saddle brown monotone, the burnt color of melancholic desperation
jane fonda's bell sleeves and dusty red mini in klute
9 to 5 AND working girl
the viola looks she won for last night
lots of meryl
anyways! as i said, a legend
also this quote, lol
"i've only ever had fun once and it was mamma mia" -- ann roth and also me talking about watching modern movie musicals
also i think about this outfit from day of the locust (1975) regularly -- my whole summer moodboard
just also noting that last night roth became the oldest woman to win an oscar; and also that her patsy cline biopic outfits were so good they are now in the patsy cline museum
important addendum
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