Okay, good morning Dems. When I talk to campaigns about accessibility, captions is one of the most important ones.

Do it for Deaf/HoH people but in case you're totally driven by self interest here is a series of reasons you should do it for Your Campaign also
#CripTheVote https://twitter.com/PersistOhio/status/1386651056122310659
Pluses from classic campaign viewpoints:
1. You can match the captions to your branding, so they look great, don't cover anyone's faces, etc., instead of being crappy auto captions that cover your cute little son's face, for example.
2. You can ensure the captioning is correct so that, for example, every city name is spelled correctly. The candidate's name is spelled correctly. Every thing makes sense. Etc!
3. Do you understand how many disabled voters there are! Not every disabled voter is Deaf/HoH, but we are all a community and we all notice.

1 in 4 adults are disabled. That's 61 million people.

500,000 Deaf/HoH people live in Ohio.

And not captioning leaves those voters out.
4. Every campaign wants to go viral, wants to get a boost, wants as many eyeballs (which is ableist in its own right) as possible on their content.

A lot of disabled communities are extremely online, and we're extremely good at utilizing social media. We're right here.
5. There are a ton of F R E E captioning tools. It costs literally nothing to just put the words on it. Nothing! No cost!

And you'll Get More Money because people will be boosting you and speaking about you positively and there is literally no down side.
6. Candidates do truly wild things to get noticed, to meet voters, to engage with voters where they are.

Cool, we're literally right here.

Not captioning content leaves Deaf/HoH voters out right from the get go.
In summary, campaigns, caption your fucking content. It's discriminatory not to, and also, it'll bring you good will and dollars and more views and also you won't immediately have every disabled person already believing you don't care about us or our rights.


Look at this great Joe Cunningham video!! I feel inspired! Hopeful! and like I know every word because he fucking captioned it! https://twitter.com/JoeCunninghamSC/status/1386651277052899328?s=20
Also this fantastic @EricaforUSSen video!! We love to see it my friends!! https://twitter.com/EricaforUSSen/status/1386684673112383497?s=20
If you read this far, thank you!

Also follow my boss @Battino4Senate who literally talked with me about the importance of accessibility during our FIRST MEETING and if your candidate isn’t doing that, ask them why 🥰
Look at this beautiful @CheriBeasleyNC video!! Look at how it’s captioned with her fonts and branding!! https://twitter.com/cheribeasleync/status/1387019006847197184
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