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Cw: NSFW , fantasy au , a/b/o , intersex omegas , noncon / dubcon , slavery , drugs , blood , underage sex , manipulation (I'll tag more as is necessary)
Life is cruel and unfair. Especially so to one such as Izuku.

First, he had the misfortune to be born a male omega, a rarity and not the good kind as seen by his people. As soon as he was old enough to be aware, it was made very clear to him that he was an unwanted burden.
As a result, he was a quiet boy who kept mostly to himself, usually tucked away in some remote corner, reading what books and scraps he could find.

Second, he was born into a war-torn nation, rife with bombs, bullets and magicks. He assumed that's why he had no mother or father,
and how he'd ended up at the rearing house to begin with. He wondered about them from time to time, but ultimately couldn't ask any questions.

Third, he had the dumb idea to run away, only to be caught not too long after. He was chased by dogs and one had taken a good bite
Into his right arm scarring him for life- the caretakers merely sneered and grumbled about how he'd be further undervalued.

He didn't know what they meant at the time, but he was even more segregated and bullied as a result.

Fourth, he was picked to be taken North with others
from the rearing house. At first, he'd been excited to get away, anywhere but the four walls he'd grown up in... buy the North was much different from what he expected and his mind was soon changed.

He was 16 years old when he was, stripped, bound, drugged, put on stage and sold
to the highest bidder.

The man who purchased him inspected him with amused eyes and leather gloved hands, turning his face and body this way and that before he stuck a finger down between his legs and passed the soft folds of his untouched cunt.

It stung, and hurt but Izuku's
drug-addled mind barely allowed his body to flinch, let alone protest. His tongue felt heavy and his mouth felt as if it were full of cotton. His eyes unwillingly drooped and he could barely stand upright by himself with how the floor spun beneath him. Everything seemed to happen
10 seconds too late.

The man pulled away quite quickly after that, drawing his fingers close to his face and inhaling deeply at the liquid that now coated them. He grinned a sharp, toothy grin before turning to the man who held Izuku's chain and a set of keys, smile dropping and
announcing "He'll do." Before brisqly walking away, his footsteps all but echoing in his mind.

Everything was a blur after that until Izuku awoke in a finely decorated carriage. He still felt numb and weak, but also a bit more aware of what was going on around him.
His eyes found piercing red ones, the same from the man who had so blatantly checked to see if he was a virgin. He was dressed beautifully in an indigo three piece suit, a thick ebony over coat and a top hat.

Such fine clothes meant be must've bee some sort of nobility, right?
Izuku was clothed now too, though much more moderately, covered in a thin white material. If not for the thick furs that had been thrown over him, he's sure he would've felt the cold much more sharply.

The carriage was still in motion when he peered outside, though it was darker
now than when they had set off... or had that been another day?

The man merely smiled his toothy grin once more at him, his lips moving and a thick, heavy voice spouted words jovially in a language Izuku couldn't understand. It must've shown on his face, because the man soon
Moved to shield his eyes, forcing them to close as he said 'sleep.' with his heavy accent.

Unsure of what was in store for him, but still weak, Izuku drifted off back to the land of slumber.

Part of him wished it was all a dream. A dark twisted nightmare.

But life was cruel.
And unfair.

When next he awoke, he was laying on silken sheets, so sort and all encompassing that it felt like a warm hug, unwilling to let him return to the land of the waking.

When his eyes opened, he discovered that it was still dark, but a single lit candle illuminated the
bedside table, bathing the surrounding area in a warm light. He felt leggy, heavy and tired despite having just woke up from what must've been a heavy sleep, but he reached for the candle holder and brought it closer.

It was beautiful, elaborate patterns and filigree winding
around the base. He peered up and around the room again... finding more fine things. Finer than Izuku had ever seen before in his entire life.

He swallowed his awe and thought back to the ride North with all the other kids from the rearing house. He remembered that they had been
separated according to their secondary gender before hearing screams and cries and then... then the drug was in his system. Taking a shakes breath, be recalled the other children, teens and pre-teens alike being sold off to people who eyed their bodies lecherously.
A shudder shook him as he recalled their new 'owners' taking them one by one while others pulled then into the foul smelling back alley where the cries, grunts and muffled rhythmic sounds came from.

Perhaps he should've counted himself lucky after all, given
the soft clothes he'd been given and the absolutely beautiful, not to mention LARGE, four-poster bed he now sat upon.

Either way, he wanted answers. Sweeping his legs over towards the edge of the bed, he wiggled out of the soft sheets and thick furs, bare feet meeting the cold
wooden floor only barely before the door opposite him wrenched itself open to reveal a tall figure.

Izuky froze, his eyes nervously shooting to the person bathed in back light. There was a pause in its movements as it gazed upon him in return before a harsh sounding word escaped
the person, caught somewhere between a growl and a curse if he had to guess. It made the hairs on his arms, on the back of his neck stand on end.

It was then that a barrage of scent hit him square in the face- sweet, like burnt caramel yet the displeasure making it acidic on his
pallet. Izuku felt drugged again instantly, his pupils dilating and his body sagging from where he'd been so unwittingly tense before.

The calm omega relaxed on instinct for the overwhelming scent of Prime Alpha despite his brain screaming to run away.

The figure moved closer
drawing an unwilling purr from him, but also allowed Izuku to fully see the Alpha in the candle light.

He was blonde, the ashen locks spiking in every direction except for the one small braid he had hanging from behind his left ear. A shockingly handsome face looked back at him,
ruby irises dancing in the light, and chilled features, all strong and fierce at the same time. His shoulders were broad and corded as was the taper in his muscled chest down to his surprisingly thin waist, all clad in a suit vest much like the other man had been too.
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Though... the delicate embroidery that decorated this man's clothed seemed to suggest they were of a finer quality still.

He seemed disgruntled, his face twisted into a grimace as be looked all over Izuku's features, but something twitched in his brow as he came close enough to
be within arms reach. His steps hastened, a growl emanating from him and startling a chirp from Izuku as he found himself caged in by thick arms, clothes straining against firm muscle. A low and resonant growl sounded from the Alpha and Izuku shivered in result, suddenly afraid
again of what the other had planned for him. Another moment passed as the fierce face of the Alpha recessed and he slowly, carefully leaned down to Izuku's neck and breathed in deeply before releasing a trilling sound of his own, akin to an alpha's purr.

Hesitantly, Izuku
turned to face the Alpha as he pulled back enough to face him. There was a bewildered puzzlement on his face, but also, dare he say it, hope? Izuku's own furrowed brows looked back and forth, trying to find out the reason he'd been brought here.

Did... did the Alpha find his
scent appealing? Was he moments away from being fucked withing an inch of his life?

A part of him, deep within his belly clenched at the thought of being taken by this gorgeous stranger, this particular Alpha of prime breeding. Another part of him, the bigger and more logical
part shuddered at the thought, fear bleeding into his smell no doubt.

The spell broke and the blond scoffed, standing tall once more and dragging a large hand over his face unbelieving, his other hand meeting his hip as he stared down at his captive ove more. The omega didn't
dare move to follow him. He muttered something to himself in that strange lilting language Izuku heard, before he leant back over Izuku, brow furrowed as he sighed. His scent was as wonderful up close, so much more intense and twining with cinnamon and nutmeg, but Izuku
could distinctly small the displeasure gone, replaced with frustration. The prime spoke again in his language before abruptly switching to one Izuku understood.

"You must have the worst luck, Omega..." he cooed, his voice soft and soothing yet still retaining the growl.
Before the greenette could ask why, the blond took Izuku's face in his wildly huge hand and tilted it away with a strong motion, making him bare his throat and whimper.

"Don't fight me... I'll keep you safe." He purred as Izuku's hands came up to weakly try to pull the other's
hand from his face. Needless to say, it was pointless- he was still weak and the Alpha was twice his size. The blond lowered himself to Izuku's neck again, nuzzling over where his scent gland and vein overlapped for a second before he bit deeply into it, fangs tearing skin and
dragging forth crimson liquid as his captive screamed and thrashed with all his remaining strength.

Izuku's body lit alight, lava corsing through his veins and burning him inside and out. The bite was the least of his worries, but whatever the other was doing to him now was

The Alpha was unmoving throughout all of his attempted to throw him off, even when his fangs pulled out and he drank from the sweet nectar that pooled in the wound Izuku could only weep and moan in agony. He didn't notice how the blond had taken one of his wrists
away from his futile attempts to flee and pressed it firmly but gently into the bedding.

It was as the adrenaline corsed throughout his system that Izuku gave in to his fate. There was no doubt in his mind, he would die here at the hands of this beautiful beast of an alpha.
Little did he know how wrong he was.

He was the unlucky sort after all.



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For the record, Katsuki isn't a vampire.
Another thing is that the North and South of this country are at war. Izuku hadn't expected to have gone so far north that they'd end up on the other side of the border, hence
why everyone is suddenly speaking another language.

Fun fact- the man in the carriage was Kirishima. He works with/for (?) Katsuki and you'll find out later why he purchased Izuku later.

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Ready for round 2? We're in Katsuki's POV now, and again this is just before I sleep so forgive any spelling mistakes in my word vomit. I have a feeling I'll end up refining it later and perhaps posting it to Ao3 eventually anyway, but for now onwards with the story!


Once the pretty little omega that occupied his bed and arms fell limp, the Alpha drew back from the open wound that he'd inflicted, licking his lips for any residual blood that lingered.

His mind felt a little fuzzy from just how good it had been. Not to mention how the
scent the other emitted clouded his mind, making his sense of self fade until there was only Alpha and Omega.

/His omega./

The thought irked him so deeply, it was enough for him to pull away until he stood before the bed again.
"This is absurd..." he muttered to himself,
Covering his nose in hopes that it would help ease his mind back to more logical thoughts.

He of all people who had so blatantly avoided the vile breeding dens and their ilk, no he certainly didn't /want/ an omega of his own.

Katsuki had known something was odd when Kirishima
reported to him- he'd been fighting a grin down the entire evening, and when he mentioned a 'gift', well... let's just say he had thought he'd made his stance on the matter plenty clear enough to the man, but it appeared not.

Growling frustratedly under his breath, crimson orbs
returned to the now slumbering creature on his bed. He looked beautiful... and young. Barely a man, and yet here he was. No doubt sold.

The still oozing wound caught his attention, and even still the blood sang to him, regardless of whether he wanted it or not.
Swallowing thickly and savouring the remaining sweet flavour on his tongue, he flicked his wrist at the bite mark, watching as it stitched itself back up as if it had never been there to begin with.

There was no way to deny the raw power that ran through him now as a direct
result of his feeding. But /why/?! Katsuki was sure the prone omega was a southerner.

His future mate was decided the moment he felt the kid's blood calling to him. It was a rare thing, even amongst his people, but blessed were the unions between blood singers and their Alpha
counterparts. The reason for that was mainly due to the effects of their blood on the specific individual they called out to- it enhanced them and their own power. Though drinking blood was a popular way to buff one's own abilities, a blood singer couplet were something to be
feared if faced as an opponent.

That being said, blood singers were native to his people. If this omega truly was from the South...

Clicking his tongue, the Alpha twisted on his heel and exited the room once more, yelling for a servant as the door shut behind him.
In a puff of smoke, a shade appeared to his side, inclining her head in a small bow.

"Call for Kirishima." He demanded, his tone curt as he began his trek to his study. The shade followed, startled by his request.

"Sir, but, your guest just left."

"I know. Call him back, I
have an urgent matter to discuss with him." He hissed, not bothering to explain further as the shade vanished just as she had came.

The Alpha waded into his office, lighting the candles at his desk and moving behind the mass of wooden furniture. It wasn't until a moment later
there was a soft rush of magic and a tapping at the door. Katsuki called out 'enter' and his sharp red eyes focused on the reason for his latest headache.

Kirishima Eijirou was a fine soldier, and there honestly wasn't a single person alive Katsuki trusted more to watch his back
but at the sight of his beaming smile, he wanted to maim him right then and there.

"What the /fuck/ were you thinking?!" The prime alpha demanded, slamming his hand down harshly on the mahogany. The red-haired Alpha didn't flinch at the outburst, but his smile fell and his brow
rose in question before he pouted.

"What, do you not like him? I could return h-" Kirishima begun, looking slightly dejected that his choice in omega was disliked.

"An omega?!" Katsuki cut him off, snarling. Somehow, even the suggestion of taking him away now felt /wrong/. "Why
gift me an omega, shitty hair?"

All pretences fell away from the red-heads face, his expression turning stony as he walked closer to his friend.

"Because you don't go to the breeding dens... I thought perhaps you were just being picky, not wanting anyone else's scraps." He
shrugged quietly, pulling out a seat as he saw Katsuki flop into his own and pinch the bridge of his nose. "That and... Well... I heard the general talking about you and how you should be first in line to offer up your genes."

"Fucking old man- should mind his own damn business
keeping his dick wet and worrying less about mine." The blond snapped, finally understanding why his friend would do something so stupid. It was to protect him, or so he had thought.

This only burdened him more.

He shifted towards his shelves, pulling out a decanter of his
favourite whiskey, pouring two cups and returning to the desk with them.

"Why a male?" He continued his line of inquiry after offering the other cup to his companion. Distaste was heavy in his tone and scent but wanted to know Kirishima'd reasoning.

The red-head shrugged
nonchalantly, "Just thought you'd be more comfortable since you don't sneer so much as men as you do most omega- he's pure too. I made sure myself."

Katsuki growled at him for that, not out of possessiveness, but that he would even try to say that his preference was based on so-
called purity. It promptly shut the other up, him reaching for his glass and taking a swig.

"... where did you get him from?" Katsuki sighed, leaning against his desk.

"Auction house."

"And before then? Where did he come from?"

"I didn't really ask... I noticed a bunch of
them looked like southerners though. I think he came up just today with a school of other kids." And that was when Katsuki's face scrunched up in disgust, his eyes turning from his friend.

"You smell like blood, Baku- does he at least taste good?" Kirishima huffed, still
somewhat saddened.

The prime brought his glass up to his lips, but before he could take it, the fresh ripe scent of apples, pine and mint hit his nose making him pause. It occurred to him that the omegas luscious scent clung to his hand because he'd held down his wrist and the
oils there must've stuck to his skin. The silence stretched a moment longer as he breathed it in deep and sighed it out.

"He's a blood singer." He announced before finally taking his sip. In the corner of his eye, he saw the other alpha's eyes widen and his entire body stiffen.
"Wait, what? There's no way- he can't be." The Alpha stumbled over his half-hearted explanation but ultimately shut up when Katsuki's hand caught on fire.

"And yet here we are..." he uttered ruefully, twisting his free, fire-engulfed hand and marvelling at how his skin wasn't
burning to a crisp. He extinguished it by drawing his fist closed before returning to his seat and watching as his friend, his ally and brother in arms, as it dawned on his face what the news meant. Dread filled his expression and the colour drained from his face before his eyes
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In a small voice, the red-head asked "Have you mated him yet?"

Katsuki merely leaned back in his chair and eyed the other with annoyance dominating his gaze.

"Where would I have had the time to do that, idiot?"

Kirishima nodded solemnly, eyes darting back to his glass before
he swallowed the last of it.

"What are you going to do? If you make him your consort, you'll earn yourself the scorn of the higher ups."

Katsuki laughed bitterly, bringing his sweet smelling hand back under his nose.

"And if I don't, I'll be pulled asunder."
The Alpha prime poured the rest of his drink down his throat before slamming the class cup down harshly.

"There was a reason, dammit, a fucking reason I avoided those /whore/ houses Kirishima!" He seethed, drawing little joy from seeing the other shrink in his seat, unable to
meet his eyes. The blond snarled and stood abruptly from his chair, turning to the huge window behind him. He tried to force his fury down as he knew the man behind him was only looking out for his best interests.

With the air still heavy, he ran a hand through his hair as he
spoke. "Find out his origins for me. As much as you can of his up-bringing too." He turned back to face his friend. "You owe me that much."

The red haired Alpha met his gaze then, standing and saluting his commander with a tight nod before dismissing himself.
Once he was alone, Katsuki let out a pained groan at his horrid situation.

He hadn't planned to be mated so early in his career, so early in life. Not to mention how young his omega looked...

And being of such a high military ranking, he'd have to present his omega to court as
soon as possible as both consort and mate. /Fuck/.

At the very least of his worries, perhaps this would finally get his parents off his back about finding a partner. Then again, given the omega's lineage... perhaps not.

Either way... he'd have to talk to the kid first.
Never had walk to his bedroom felt so dreadful before, but even as he reached the doors, his hand hovered over the handle. He pressed his forehead to the cool wood and steadied himself and then pressed inward.

The little green-haired southerner was right where he had left him.
The candle that illuminated the area had run low, but with flick of a few fingers, the candle renewed itself as he approached much more cautiously this time.

Once he was only a few paces away, he glanced at the pretty little face of his mate-to-be, noting the distinct features,
and the smattering of star-like freckles that painting his nose and cheeks. At this distance, Katsukj's inhales were intoxicated by relaxed omega pheromones, the crisp taste of apple dancing in the back of his tongue.

As far as omegas went, this was by far the best experience
he'd had to their scents thus far. Usually, he would find their smell too sweet, too floral, or otherwise disgusting.

The Alpha thanked his lucky stars his aversion to omegas didn't extend to the one that would soon be his own, even if the choice had been robbed from him.
Carefully, Katsuki strode to the other side of the bed, pulling back the covers and climbing onto the soft mattress. He stared at the other as he hovered over him, momentarily holding his breath. At this close, he could probably count those freckles, or the thick lashes that
brushed the softly curved cheek. A part of him. Wanted to, to take the other in his arms and scent him purr and coo until his omega woke up.

The other part of him wanted to throw him out of his bed, his room and life, but he knew it was impossible now, just as it had been
impossible to resist the beautiful call of the omega's blood.

Foregoing his brooding, he carefully lifted the greenette and readjusted his position on the bed to something more comfortable looking before retreating over to his corner and sighing for what must've been the
hundredth time that evening alone.

Now all he had to do was wait.

Katsuku shed his clothes I'm favour of more comfy night attire before returning to the bed with letters and plans for his work.

Now would be the best time to start the motion of changing his plans.



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Part 3 😊 here we goooooo!!!


Consciousness came back to him languidly, his mind not wanting to wake from the sweet solace it found in sleep, but there was something nagging at Izuku, telling him to get up and be alert of his surroundings.

His throat felt sore, dehydrated but despite that, he knew he'd been
purring softly. It cut off as he whined softly into the pillow and his brows furrowed in an attempt to force his eyes open.

There was a light behind his eyes. He could tell from how red they looked even when closed instead of pitch black like they would in the dark.
There was the sound of moving cloth and rustling paper nearby too. Someone was here with him. That gave the omega all the encouragement he needed to wake up.

And boy, how he wished he'd stayed asleep.

Emerald orbs lifted tiredly to find rubies, a shock of blond hair and a stern
looking face. At first, Izuku didn't recognise him, his brow creasing in confusion as to why this handsome man was in his bed. But then it hit him all at once and he startled, jumping in his skin and instinctively jolting backwards.
He'd been sold. This man had taken a chunk out of him yesterday. And... oh /gosh/ it had hurt like hell.

Before he could think any more on it the man grumbled something in his native tongue, not sounding half as harsh as it had yesterday but still not /happy/ in the least.
Izuku remained frozen to the spot, akin to a cornered animal, watching as he gathered the parchment that he'd made a pseudo nest of around him, quickly folding them away and tucking them into his bedside table.

"We have matters to discuss, omega."
The blonde told him, turning to face him as he propped himself up on his elbow.

Several things hit him at once- it occurred to Izuku that his voice carried little to no accent when speaking in his language. Another thing that he noticed was that despite how overwhelming the
Alpha's scent had been the other day, it was muted now, barely hanging in the air other than sticking to the sheets. This must've been his bed that he was currently occupying.

The omega swallowed the realisation heavily, as he mentally checked his own body for any signs of what
he feared... but found none. Not even any sign of the wound that had definitely been made in his neck. His hand betrayed him, disbelievingly coming up to paw at his scent gland to feel for the puncture but found nothing but smooth skin.

The Alpha eyed the motion attentively,
something flickering in his gaze before disappearing within seconds and his crimson eyes landed back on his... He was waiting for him to say something.

The third and last thing that surprised him was that his omegan instincts, seemed docile around the Alpha. Izuku had read about
Alpha Primes before but he'd never come across one. They were probably the most rare of secondary genders, even more-so than that of omegas. In all of his research though, they never mentioned anything about being able to so wholly subdue an omega like how he felt before him now.
"Do you even have a voice?" The blonde growled, slowly losing patience it seemed, his brows drawing together annoyedly.

"Who are you?" Izuku attempted, his voice meek and quiet. "Whe-where am I?" He seemed to curl further into himself, into the sheets, but his wide eyes never
the beautiful beast before him.

"What- what did you do to my neck?" He shivered as he asked the questions, his own fingernails biting into the unnaturally untainting skin. It stung a little so so it definitely wasn't a dream.

The Alpha's nose wrinkled at the act, his hand
reaching out to snatch Izuku's away from where he was likely to hurt himself, but the omega jolted further away, now on the very edge of the bed.

"I'm not going to hurt you-" The alpha growled, but was cut off by a slightly louder response from his new bed mate.
"As if I'd believe you!" The omega snapped, his eyes accusing as he drew his hands down away from his neck regardless, holding them close to his chest.

The other snarled briefly at him, before grunting a kind of scoff at the determined look in Izuku's eyes.
The blond turned from him, lifting himself out of the bed with ease and the omega was left to marvel at his size. He hadn't noticed it yesterday with how jumbled his mind was- the man had to be /at least/ 6 and a half foot tall.

It startled them both when a chirp burst through
the greenette's lips. Stupid, dumb, omega instincts! He slapped both hands over his mouth as the alpha's head snapped over to him, eyes slightly wider than before.

They started at one another for a few moments before the Alpha snickered, smirking as he continued towards a wall..
that turned out to be a concealed cupboard.

"My name is Bakugou Katsuki." He began, his voice suddenly as creamy like butter and making a part of Izuku's brain melt. Luckily, not enough so that he wasn't paying attention, but just enough that he didn't feel as tense as before.
"You're at my estate, though I guess you mean 'where' as in where in the country." The alpha peered over his shoulder to glance at him before tugging the loose white shirt he'd been using as a night top off, revealing his well sculpted back with all it's bulging muscles...
and scars.

The green haired southerner knew he should've been intimidated by the display, but as it had yesterday, his lower stomach clenched at the thought of being lifted by those strong arms.

"You crossed the border. I'm sure you remember parts of yesterday." He said evenly,
his tone slowly turning sour with distaste the more he continued to talk about it. "You were sold to Kirishima Eijirou, and were then gifted to me." He smoothly pulled a new shirt on, one tighter than before before turning to him as he did up the buttons.
"What I did to your neck is a little more complicated to explain, but there's no lasting effects. It won't hurt as much next time eith-"

"Next time?!" Izuku balked, "I'm not letting you anywhere near my neck again!" he spat, hands moving to shield it even from the Alpha's view.
At that Katsuki's gaze darkened, his face dropping any sign of civility. Within a second, the alpha's scent was everywhere, thick and cloying and just as it had done before, Izuku's body succumbed to it, eyes dilating and hands dropping limp for his Alpha.

"You seem to think you
have a choice in the matter. Let me assure you that you don't." Katsuki intoned, his voice wavering through different iterations in Izuku's mind. "Don't confuse my amenity for kindness, omega."

Izuku was screaming on the inside, but no matter how he tried he couldn't resist,
nor could he make even the smallest peep. His body refused to listen to any command he willed it to carry out. He felt trapped in so many more ways than one.

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The blond stepped up to the bed, climbing up from the foot until he pushed the omega down under him as he had the other day, his huge body dwarfing and encompassing the teen.

"I don't intend to treat you poorly, but that also depends on you." He sneered, still pumping out
heavy pheromones and keeping Izuku placid with it. He paused for a second, his brows creasing once more as he thought of something.

"What is your name, omega?"

"... Midoriya Izuku..." The reply left the southerner before he had a chance to stop it, coaxed by the sweet smell of
caramel on a fire, strong spices... and most unexpectedly, /want/.

"... Izuku, then." The alpha tested the name on his tongue, before sitting up and straddling the kid with a bitter upturn of his lip. "There's more to discuss, but bottom line is that you're now /mine/.
Mine to do whatever I wish with."

With that he pulled back his scent so that it was only a kindling of what remained. Izuku still felt foggy, but he could move again, watching as Katsuki got off him and returned to dressing himself.

"... So I'm your prisoner." the omega asked,
his tone soft and meek once more, though he watched intently as the other seemed to pause putting on his boots for a moment.

"Not a prisoner, no." Katsuki sighed, lacing up his boot as he resumed motion. "You're free to roam the grounds at your leisure, but no further."
He paused as he pulled on his other boot and then laced it also. "Furthermore, you're to be my mate."

Izuku froze again at that, eyes drifting away from the alpha as his fears for what he was here for were realised. A shuddering breath left him as he felt a tear fall from the
corner of his eye. He felt cold in spite of all the luxuriously warm and soft silken sheets around him.

It didn't occur to ask Katsuki why he was taking a southerner as his mate just yet, but it lingered as a thought in the back of his mind as he slowly curled up again.
"We'll wait for your heat to seal the mating. Until then, I suggest you get used to... everything."

Katsuki had finished dressing, not hearing anything more from the other as he pulled on the rest of his clothes. His footsteps echoed on the solid wood floor as he made his way
to the exit, pulling the door open and pausing once more.

"A servant will be along shortly to provide you with clothes. Get changed and come to breakfast." The Alpha stated, not waiting for a response as he set off down the hall, shutting the door behind him, leaving Izuku to
his thoughts.

As soon as he was alone, Izuku blubbered out a silent sob, turning his face into his pillow to muffle the noises of his crying.

Never in his life had he thought that this would happen to him. He had dreamt of leaving the rearing house, becoming an apprentice
alchemist or botanist, perhaps even a scholar of some sort! Finding love in some unassuming way and mating before starting a family together.

How naĂŻve he felt.

How small.
Across the border, god knows where, with no friends and no way out. /Sold/ to the highest bidder!

Perhaps he should've thanked... what was his name? Kirishima? That he didn't turn him out to that back alley that wreaked of sex and unsanitary conditions.

But was this any better?
The alpha would still end up fucking him against his will, stealing the place on his neck for where someone beloved would've put their mark. He doubted that the alpha would spare him his seed either. He was 16 for mercy's sake!!

Izuku jumped at the sound of knocking on the door,
the sound echoing in the hollowness of the room. He sniffled, quickly swiping at his face to try and hide his distress, but the door opened a moment later and there was nothing he could do about the acrid smell that now plagued the room.
A girl with chocolate brown hair cut neatly in a bob came into the room, her eyes widening at the smell and her nose wrinkling as she saw the now red-rims around the omega's eyes.

In a puff of smoke, she vanished and reappeared at the foot of the bed, and then again until she
was right besides the bed and him. Izuku couldn't have tempered his scream if he'd tried, he quickly scrambled to the other side of the bed pulling the sheet with him as if it would help.

The girl, who appeared to have been concernedly reaching for him, jumped and screamed also.
They both stared at each other in joint shock before Izuku gathered his wits and spoke.

"H-how did you do that?!"

The girl looked at him bewildered.

"... Do what, sir?" Her voice was soft and bubbly despite the confusion that laced it. She smelt like candyfloss and vanilla,
but it was mild, a beta perhaps?

"The smoke and the teleporting!" he quipped, eyes still wide and still hiding behind the sheet. The girl seemed even more puzzled, her head gently tilting to one side- it reminded Izuku of a cute dog.

".... Do southerners not have magic, sir?"
she asked carefully.

Izuku blinked and then realised, yes. Yes they do. It's just that he hadn't been raised around anyone who could use magic in such a way. He relaxed a little, and the beta, smiled comfortingly.

"I'm a shade, so I can understand why it would seem a little
otherworldly at first, sir, but don't be alarmed." She said kindly before looking down, bringing her hands down together in front of her dress. A uniform of some sort "My name is Uraraka Ochako, sir Bakugou's assistant. I came to deliver your clothes, but..."

Izuku relaxed as
she introduced herself, though in his eyes she looked too young to be an assistant to that grumpy old alpha... not old... maybe? Shaking his head, he bowed his head a little in greeting. She seemed nice enough.

"Sorry for my appearance... and the smell."
She shook her hands out in front of her in a gesture for him not to worry about it.

"Not at all, I can imagine it's quite hard being in your position." She walked, this time, back over to the clothes, lifting up a beautifully embroidered vest and suit and laying them out on the
bed for him to admire. And admire he did. The way that lovely little leaves wove themselves into the fabric mesmerised him for a moment, and he let his hand wander over them.

"Sir Bakugo demanded they be made while you slept."

"These are for me?" Izuku squeaked."Hand crafted?!"
Ochako giggled, as if to say 'who else, silly?' before she went back to grab the shirt, shoes and pants for him to wear also.

"He doesn't like to be kept waiting, so be sure to hurry along. I'll wait outside to lead you to the dining hall when you're done."
The omega paused in his admiration, remembering his predicament and turned to her once more.

"Wait..." He uttered, and she turned to him questioningly. The words escaped him- he couldn't ask what Katsuki was like. She was his employee. So he bit his lip and shook his head,
watching her walk away and shut the door behind him.
If Izuku was going to live with the alpha (or escape from him), he was going to have to do it himself, or learn who to trust firstly.

(Two tweet limits in one update... ooooo~ Granting this update is almost done)
He eyed the beautiful clothes ruefully, wanting to enjoy them when all his life he'd had nothing but scratchy second-hand hand-me-downs. The rearing house wasn't known for it's prestige after all.

The omega took another look around the room now that it was light out and found
that yes, he did quite like it. But was it all worth it?

With a sigh, he put his nerves to one side and carefully slipped into the clothes that he'd been given, surprised at how well they fit him before. With a deep breath, he readied himself and exited into the new world he'd
all but been thrust into.




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