Healthcare in Other countries.

I have a good number of mutual who are either foreign nationals/expats living abroad

While all of them encourages the US to improve our healthcare system (so do I)- they are often shocked to hear what the American left thinks their healthcare is
The best I can gather is the American Left thinks healthcare in other countries is a series of

Free clinics on every corner.
When you are feeling so much of a sniffle you walk in talk to a physician on the spot

And walk out with not a bill, a copay, or an after thought.
With the patience of my mutuals who do live overseas- they are often given reality.

(Again, every one of these systems are better than the U.S. as they are truly universal)

But the universality comes at different paths.
This is important to share:

Because a lot of the resistance for XYZ Democratic proposal comes at some false interpretation that other Country X does it this way - and every other country YZ but the United States has this approach.

That is really not true.
I ultimately don't know what will really work here.

I am going to be honest about that- as this country is large and diverse in the number of people and places it has to serve.

But we have to look at what works and doesn't w/ reality.
And I again want to thank the many mutuals that provided information on their healthcare.

W/ great thanks to all of you. We learned abt Canada, France, Australia, Denmark, Germany and others- from the user level- so thank you again.
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