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Most people you meet in industry are lovely, kind & talented individuals; becoming friends for life.

But, a very select few may take advantage of your kindness. These can be mentors, an overly friendly colleague, an industry veteran...
If you are a women in games please always be somewhat vigilant as you are still entering a male dominated industry. This is especially important to remember if you are new. Also, just because someone is in industry too doesn't instantly make them friends, or they *know* you.
like: "hey lets meet up and go for drinks i'm x in industry". This doesn't instantly make it safe to meet them.
I know women who have been abused in games; this is a sad but true fact. Believe abuse survivors. "They were nice to me", doesn't cancel what they did to another.
I’ve witnessed women crying in bathrooms, males supplying women with so much drink they can’t walk, a women spiked at an industry party and countless more events which aren’t my stories to tell. This stuff HASN’T gone away.
Then main thing I can do is when a women in industry confides in me and says “this person did X to me” I fucking believe them. Thanks for listening.
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