1. Tucker Carlson's xenophobic, racist, and bigoted content has cost him nearly all his advertisers

It's mostly an hour of MyPillow ads and promos for other Fox shows

But Fox News doesn't care


They've rigged the game

Follow along if interested https://popular.info/p/tucker-lachlan-and-subsidized-speech
2. A primary source of revenue for Fox News is PEOPLE WHO NEVER WATCH FOX NEWS.

On average cable TV subscribers pay $1.72 per month for Fox News

But only 14% watch Fox News

That means for every viewer, Fox News receives a $7.75 subsidy from non-viewers https://popular.info/p/tucker-lachlan-and-subsidized-speech
5. A substantial portion of Carlson's $10 million/year salary comes from people who find his views odious

Like Carlson's decision to use his program to advance "white replacement theory" - a racist idea explicitly cited by numerous mass murders https://popular.info/p/tucker-lachlan-and-subsidized-speech
8. This has nothing to do with "free speech"

Carlson has the right to be a bigot

YOU shouldn't be forced to pay for his bigotry so you can watch Law & Order reruns

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