Quick Thread on Fertility and here I explain the why. Fertility fraud is deeply problematic and can also be considered sexual assault. A patient comes to a doctor for help with conceiving and you bring you own sperm to create a baby for them. Wild as fuck. https://twitter.com/BamieCole/status/1386643189256294405
Fertility fraud is a doctor betraying the doctor-patient fiduciary relationship, inserting himself literally or some part of himself into the woman's bodily cavity, betraying her autonomy, and also inserting himself, his own genetic lineage into her family tree against her will.
Why? An irrational believe that they can help. A narcissistic God complex, like Dr Weisner who wanted to create intelligent babies, doctors believe they have great genetics and the world would be better if there were more of their children in it
Sometimes it's just a power trip, it's like asking why people rape. Power and an intention to sexual assault their clients and forcefully insert themselves in other people's lives.
People are finding out mostly through online DNA testing and a number of other factors, it's really interesting to see. On its legality or illegality, this is weirdly a grey area that is now been legislated upon but it is clearly an obviously unethical.
Health Law is largely based on respect for autonomy, non-maleficence, beneficence and justice. Spent weeks discussing autonomy in @ifebamidele's classes. It's a huge deal. But it's been hard to litigate on these issues because they are very few laws governing fertility fraud.
It's such an interesting area but I want to hear my health law's professor's thoughts on these issues, especially on the lack of laws. Please help @ifebamidele.
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