Paris Street, Rainy Day. First, people don’t realize how big it is which has the effect of making you feel as if you’re standing in the street too. Second, obviously Caillebotte is emphasizing perspective here, but note his use of color in doing it. For example...
For example, the green lamp post that is almost the EXACT center of the painting gives you a natural center point and from it you unconsciously measure back AND toward yourself. The people on the right almost pop out of the painting.
Third, I like how he provides depth and movement just so casually. No one is watching an event, but everyone is doing something. You can almost feel their steps. And the slanted building center left makes the streets seem like they extend beyond the painting. Fourth...
Fourth, I just have this personal memory I enjoy from this. It was the first painting at @artinstitutechi that I really fell in love with. They used to mount it visible from their lobby and it just stood out among everything else seeming to loom over the lobby. I loved that.
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